LightingAvg. Locally-deformable PRT (Bat)37.9 fpsMuch much better lighting effects.+42% 26.7 fps
ReflectionAvg. High dynamic range lighting (Teapot)41.6 fpsMuch better reflection handling.+48% 28.2 fps
MRenderAvg. Render target selection GShader (Sphere)37.6 fpsMuch faster multi rendering.+37% 27.5 fps
GravityAvg. NBody particle system (Galaxy)39.3 fpsMuch faster NBody calculation.+31% 30.1 fps

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LightingLocally-deformable PRT (Bat)44.4 fpsMuch far better peak light effects.+40% 31.8 fps
ReflectionHigh dynamic selection lighting (Teapot)47.5 fpsMuch better peak reflection handling.+57% 30.3 fps
MRenderRender target array GShader (Sphere)39.9 fpsMuch faster peak multi rendering.+37% 29.1 fps
GravityNBody particle device (Galaxy)43.4 fpsFaster optimal NBody calculation.+27% 34.2 fps

CSGOAvg. Fps
1080p top top Max
120 FpsSlightly better CSGO Fps.+9% 110 Fps
FortniteAvg. Fps
1080p on Max
76 FpsMuch better Fortnite Fps.+46% 52 Fps
GTAVAvg. Fps
1080p on Max
43 Fps50 FpsBetter GTAV Fps.+14%
LoLAvg. Fps
1080p ~ above Max
135 FpsBetter LoL Fps.+11% 121 Fps
MinecraftAvg. Fps
sector ShareMarket re-superstructure (trailing 30 days)2.53 %Insanely greater market share.+1,846% 0.13 %
ValueValue for Money47.4 %Hugely far better value.+340% 10.8 %
User RatingUBM User Rating79 %Much much more popular.+36% 58 %
PricePrice (score)$155Much cheaper.+69% $500

AgeNewest58 Months52 MonthsMore recent.+10%
ParallaxParallax occlusion mapping (Stones)41.9 fps42.9 fps+2%
SplattingForce Splatted Flocking (Swarm)29.4 fpsSlightly much faster peak facility splatting.+8% 27.3 fps
ParallaxAvg. Parallax occlusion mapping (Stones)38.3 fps38.3 fps
SplattingAvg. Force Splatted Flocking (Swarm)26.8 fpsFaster complicated splatting.+14% 23.6 fps

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The GTX 1050 Ti 4GB is Nvidia’s recent Pascal based The 1050 Ti has actually a TDP the 75 Watts and also is based on a new 14nm GP107 handling core i m sorry has approximately 66% of the an essential resources (CUDA cores, structure units, storage bandwidth and transistor count etc.) uncovered on the 3GB GTX 1060. Compare couchsurfingcook.coms for the 1050 Ti and 3GB 1060 reflects that the 1050 Ti is falling a small short of ours expectations yet we only have actually one benchmark for the 1050 Ti so the average score will certainly probably boost as we gather much more samples. The perform price for the 1050 Ti is $139 i beg your pardon is between AMDs $185 RX 470 and also $100 RX 460. Comparing performance in between the RX 470 vs GTX 1050 Ti and also RX 460 vs GTX 1050 Ti mirrors that the 1050 Ti sits around in the center for both price and performance. 


The Radeon RX 560 is third in the heat up the AMD’s 2nd generation Polaris couchsurfingcook.coms aimed in ~ the entry-level 1080p gaming industry with a sub-$100 beginning price, due for relax in may 2017. It is the follower to the now nine month old RX 460. Favor the RX 460, it is based on Polaris 11, but comes through all 16 compute units enabled (2 much more than in the 460). Coupled v a 6% innovation in rise clock speed from 1200MHz to 1275MHz, a minimum boost in overall effective speed of 10% versus the 460 is anticipated. The RX 560 is fresh competition come NVIDIA’s GTX 1050 in terms of price and also performance. User benchmarks disclose that NVIDIA’s GTX 1050 is quicker than the RX 460 by 17% and so that is meant that the 560 will close most, if no all, of that gap.