Oh no! Amber rose suffers from a nip slip, however this did no come from a wardrobe malfunction, as she failed to cover her whole breasts through her hand in one more racy Instagram photo.

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Well, at the very least she i will not ~ have any weird tan lines… supposedly Amber increased forgot to load a real swimsuit once she went for a coast day in Maui ~ above Wednesday, in march 25. The model and also Instagram queen, 31, posted a topless shooting of herself laying on a towel and also wearing white cable thong bottoms.

“If only this beach was actually Topless #Maui,” she captioned the racy image, spanning her chest.

Unfortunately, Rose’s hand didn’t quite make it over both of her ta tas, and she endured a minor nip slip. Yet chances space Wiz Khalifa’s ex no mind the mishap.


Rose is well-known for she risqué Instagram posts, including several native the Carnival festival in Trinidad and Tobago and also a couple of posed balcony pics in a barely there string one-piece earlier in January.

She also shared a picture of her curvy backside top top Twitter, writing, “Groceries,” through an emoji that a tongue hanging out.The single mom is currently in Maui for both business and also pleasure, sharing a selfie from a cover shoot on march 24, and captioning it, “Swaggin in Maui #CoverShoot #HowtobeAbadBitch #DavidLaChapelle.”


Amber climbed Biography

Born Amber Levonchuck, design Amber rose is ideal known for her high-profile romances through Kanye West (2008-2010) and also Wiz Khalifa, whom she married in July 2013. Formerly signed with Ford Models, Rose appeared in louis Vuitton ads and made cameos in music videos because that Ludacris, Young Jeezy and Khalifa.

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Following her separation from West in 2010, Rose started dating Khalifa — whom she met via Twitter! — and also the pair announced your engagement in march 2012. They welcomed their first child, a son called Sebastian, in February 2013 and revealed the they had secretly wed 5 months later.Rose and also Khalifa filed because that divorce in September 2014.


Full Name: Amber RoseBirthday: October 21, 1983 (31)Hometown: Philadelphia, PARelationship Status: Single