IT’S the question we’ve all been asking. Is Amber Rose’s butt fake? Well, the shaven-haired star let RuPaul couchsurfingcook.comp a feel to prove she’s all herbal.

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The squeeze that carried the reality

But having an asset choose that brings into question its authenticity, and also Amber wanted to shut dvery own the rumours once and also for all.

The 31-year-old is proud of her curves, yet says she’s actually simply genetically gifted.

“May I please squeeze the evidence?” E! display host RuPaul asked Amber, before providing her a great squeeze.


No tan lines for Amber Rose (Image: Amber Rose/Instagram)

“I couchsurfingcook.comncur,” he sassist. “This s*** is real! This situation is closed.”

The star, who appeared alongside Botched star, Dr Terry Dubrow, revealed that she wears a 36H bra and also she’s couchsurfingcook.comnsidering implants.

“It’s just this location over below is just skin. I wanna fill it out yet I don’t know if I desire to obtain an implant bereason my boobs are really nice,” she sassist.

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