Ben Higgins' contestants encompass some familiar encounters -- discover out that is coming back for round 2 on The BachelorABC/Craig Sjodin

Round two? Ben Higgins’ season that The Bachelor will attribute some acquainted faces. Former Season 19 contestants Amber James and Becca Tilley are amongst the contestants in the running for Higgins’ heart on upcoming Season 20, Us Weekly deserve to confirm.

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James, a bartender from Chicago who was featured on Chris Soules’ season the the hit abc franchise, was sent out packing on episode 3. As viewers will remember, James didn’t take the removed well and also shed tears while walking away shocked indigenous Soules. The optimistic contestant also appeared ~ above spinoff Bachelor in Paradise, whereby she romanced Dan Cox and Justin Reich.

According come her abc bio page, James’ favourite movies space The Lion King, Reservoir Dogs, and A Bronx Tale, and also she can’t live without she “teddy bear, Mom, finest friends, and brother.”

Tilley, for she part, pretty lot campaigned her method onto the latest season the the show, tweeting after Higgins to be announced: “Ben H is what many 26 yr old virgins named Becca room looking for.”

Tilley was likewise a contestant top top Soules’ season — she to be runner-up, shedding the proposal come Soules’ currently ex-fiancee Whitney Bischoff. The self-proclaimed virgin take it the denial with significant class and appeared to it is in barely phased when Soules said goodbye.

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During Soules" "Women call All" special, he described why the proposed come Bischoff over Tilley. "Whitney has actually told me she loves me, and also she’s close to 30 year old, she 29, she’s all set to be in love, prepared to it is in married, and also ready to have kids," the explained. "Becca is sort of unsure with all of those — those are big things when it comes to a relationship and when you wanting to be married. Those are kind of the main things."

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