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Design: simple and unassuming

The look at of the AmazonBasics tripod is, well, basic. It no sport any kind of of the two-tone, color-accented look at you’ll discover at higher-end models native Vanguard, Manfrotto, or the like. Instead, that designed with a simple, silver- brushed aluminum body and solid black color accents. This actually provides it a little bit of a retro look, which can work in its benefit if you’re not in search of something flashy or sporty looking. The flat, contempt contoured legs space actually a little nicer, in our opinion, than the tubular foot you’ll discover on most slicker tripods. Amazon plainly put a emphasis on functionality, for this reason the overall architecture elements space subtle and also stay out of the way.


couchsurfingcook.com / Jason Schneider

Setup and Performance: fully serviceable, and surprisingly user-friendly

We had actually our doubts about the AmazonBasics tripod—considering this unit sit so far down in the spending plan category, we assumed it wouldn’t be really good. We came to be pleasantly surprised with our experience during both setup and also usage.

First, to snap the 3 legs out, you just pull them and also then the cross-bracings immediately slides horizontally to kind that classic three-leg layout. We uncovered the movement and also adjustments come be surprisingly easy and fluid. If you readjust the twistable barrel in the middle, that locks this cross-bracings into place offering you a firm pyramid. Each leg likewise has 2 adjustable, telescoping extensions that come out with clasps. This provides the tripod fairly a bit of height. It’s billed in ~ the mid-to-high-end in ~ 60 inches, v the facility pole fully extended.

The part you affix your camera to likewise offers a few helpful convey fixtures. First, there’s the classic pole grip guide that’s aimed an ext at videographers. Twisted this manage to loosen and also tighten the Y-axis convey of the camera. Yes a tiny wingnut closer to the stand’s height that allows you loosen and tighten the X-axis, giving you a solid range of motion. There’s even a level developed into the height to ensure that you’re shooting from a flat, secure service—a nice enhancement to the entry-level unit. One articulating bowl on the top the enables you to adjust the Y-axis even an ext dramatically. We discovered that this to be mostly good from a panning and also control perspective, yet you won’t gain the seamless variety of motion you’d get from a sphere head.

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Portability: surprisingly lightweight but not the smallest

Amazon calls the AmazonBasics tripod a “lightweight aluminum” model, no as a travel tripod. That’s mainly because, in ~ a folded size of 25 inches, the a great 5 or 6 inches much longer than countless of the top compact tripods. That provides a huge difference as soon as you’re considering strapping it come your take trip or photography bag. ~ above the to add side, at 3 pounds the tripod is light enough to no weigh you down. Those so surprising around that is simply how huge and comprehensive it is in form factor. There are some trade-offs here with construct quality, the we’ll obtain to in the next section, yet 3 pounds is tho lighter than the travel-oriented tripods from bigger brands.

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Durability and Build Quality: Passable, with some reason for concern

One of the corners that get cut for an affordable tripod is develop quality. While plenty of costlier tripods choose the Manfrotto Befree and also Vanguard VEO 265AB are built out of special aluminum, with more substantial clasps, or also carbon fiber, AmazonBasics skimps a little on the material. Here, you’ll find a thinner, rougher aluminum and also cheap-feeling plastic on all the fixtures and also components.

We tested ours for a couple of shots v a fairly standard DSLR and a series of prime lenses (a Nikon D3100). Overall, even if it is it to be outdoors acquisition city shots of NYC or indoors doing studio product shots, the tripod organized up and also felt sturdy. The rubber feet felt an especially stable. Amazon advertises a max weight of 6.6 pounds, which must cover you because that a the majority of cameras, but we can’t aid but worry about the lifespan of this tripod if you arrangement to placed really hefty telephoto lenses or specialized video cameras on the The plastic plate the hold the camera is of certain concern, for this reason if she a busy functioning photographer, the build quality here just could not be as much as snuff.

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Accessories Included: an easy and barebones

The AmazonBasics tripod comes v a thin canvas bag v a simple zipper and also a tiny strap. It isn’t quite the experienced quality of alternatives from an ext well-known brands, yet for the price, we were pleasantly surprised to view it. There is a removable plate for the camera attachment itself, v a hook in the center for it is registered a rock bag underneath for additional stability.

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couchsurfingcook.com / Jason Schneider

Price: good bang for the buck

Dollar because that dollar, the AmazonBasics is the finest deal you can uncover on a tripod—at the very least one that you deserve to trust to hold your camera. The construct quality constitutes some problem from a durability standpoint, however taking into account the lightweight portability, sturdy aluminum legs, and also the existence of accessories, you really can’t do far better than that is affordable price. If you’re in search of something an ext reliable, you’ll must shell the end an extra little of cash for a brand surname tripod.

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Dollar because that dollar, this is about the finest deal girlfriend can discover on a tripod—at the very least one that you’ll in reality trust to organize your camera.

Competition: limited at this price point

It’s difficult to pin down competitors to the AmazonBasics tripod. There’s a 55-inch tripod from Zomei and also a 7-inch tripod by Mountdog, both the which cost twice the amount of the AmazonBasics tripod. You’ll be very hard-pressed to discover an choice this cheap from the more top brands prefer Vanguard and also Manfrotto. In various other words, this yes, really is the many affordable, solid tripod for the price.

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An affordable tripod for the hobbyist.

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Whether you’re just a understand photographer, one at-home Youtuber, or who looking to step up their photography, the AmazonBasics 60-inch tripod is unbeatable because that the price. The develop quality, when cheap, is perfectly serviceable because that the typical user.


Product surname 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod Product Brand AmazonBasics Price $23.49 weight 3 lbs. Product size 24.21 x 4.4 x 4.1 in. Shade Black Min elevation 25 inches Max height 60 inches Folded length 25 inch Max Weight capacity 6.6 lbs Color alternatives Black/Silver