The ____________________ lets you see the result prior to you use it to your presentation.

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Tables are helpful as soon as you must organize information that have the right to be displayed in the ___________________ and columns.Rows
The _________________ controls the formatting for all the slides in the presentation.Slide Master
With a(n) _________________ object, if you update the resource file, the information in the desigcountry file is additionally updated.Linked
With a(n) _________________ object, if you upday the resource file, the information in the desigcountry file is additionally updated.Template
In PowerPoint, a __________________ is a worksheet that shows up through the chart and has the numbers for the chart.Datasheet
___________________ are predesigned graphic layouts that you have the right to use to existing slides.Themes
If you format an object through particular features, such as fill color and line color, and also then want to format another object the exact same way, us the _________________.Format
Appear at top of the notes peras.Header
Charts, media clips, video, bitmaps.Objects
x axis.Group Axis
y axis.Value Axis
Available area to include day, time, or slide number at bottom of slide.Footer
Works to change the graphics behind the objects.Background Group Graphics
Changes the Fill or Picture on the background of the selected layouts.Style Background Dialog Box
Inserts a brand-new layout understand or insert a new slide grasp.Edit Master group buttons
Changes the slide orientation and also margins for the entire slide show.Page Setup Group
Changes the template attributes for the entire slide present.Edit Theme Buttons
The __________________ command has actually numerous choices that administer flexibility in just how information is replicated from a source file to a destination file.Paste Special
A ____________________ is a way to limit the slides in any slide show for a particular audience.practice show
_______________ are butloads that are placed on a slide that allow you to jump from slide to slide, even to slides in an additional slide display, or to various other documents.Action Buttons
_______________ implies to lug a file or part of a record right into the presentation.Import
When it is much easier to edit the information utilizing the original application, you have the right to _______________ the information as an item utilizing the Insert Object dialog box.embed
Displays thumbnails that you deserve to relocate and arselection conveniently.Slide Sexactly how Sorter
Displays one slide at a time and is helpful for modifying text.Slide pane
Displays your slides as tiny photos or thumbnails.Slides tab
Preview your presentation as if it were showing on a slide projector.Slide Show view
How objects are put on a slide.Slide Layout
____ approximately the slide number suggest that it is hiddenParentheses
The intersection of each column and row is a ____.cell
____ permits you to job-related via several items as if they were one object.Grouping
Layouts encompass ____ for slide objects such as tables, charts, SmartArt graphics, movies, sounds, images, and also clip art.placeholders
When utilizing overheads or running a presentation in a normal dimension room, make the message size at leastern ____ points so it deserve to be easily read.24
On the Ribbon, you deserve to click the Design tab to watch themes. You can then click the More switch in the Themes group to open a ____ of themes and watch all the
PowerPoint have the right to automatically advance the slides in your presentation at preset time intervals making use of _________________.Rehearse Timings
The ____, at the height of the home window, identifies the home window as a PowerPoint window and lists the name of the open up presentation.title bar
When you desire to open an existing presentation that you have actually newly viewed, you have the right to pick the presentation from the ____ list in Backstage view.Recent Presentations
Using the Handouts alternative, you deserve to print handouts with ____ slides per web page.Two or Three, Nine, Four or Six
You carry out not need to be current via the slide display to pass along your feedearlier. You can insert ____ in the slide for others to view.Comments
If at anytime you want to adjust a SmartArt graphic to text or forms, click the _____________ button.Convert
A(n) ____ is the easiest sort of record to import bereason it is formatted via styles.Word Outline
A(n) ____ is an impact you have the right to apply to text, objects, graphics, or pictures to make those objects relocate in the time of a slide display.Animation
You can use the Style Painter switch to copy message ____.Size, Color, Font
PowerPoint presentations have a ____ file extension.pptx
A attached object, such as an Excel chart, is produced in a ____ and inserted into a destination file, such as a PowerPoint slide, while preserving a link between the 2 files.resource file
To develop your presentation, you can ____.Create presentation from an existing template, start via a empty presentation, usage slides in existing presentation
To pick even more than one object, hold down either the __________________ crucial or the CTRL crucial and also click the objects you want to choose.Shift
When you run a presentation, slide ____ determine exactly how one slide is rerelocated from the screen and also just how the next one appears.Transitions
____ refers to the way each new slide shows up on the screen.Transition
If all the message in each column in a table doesn’t fit in the cell, you have the right to double-click ____ to widen the whole column so all message in any type of cell in that column fits on one line.

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the column border
If you desire the individual objects in a group to animate individually, you have to ____.unteam them