Dreaming of to apologize on a wall. And also dreaming often, dear. I dreamed that, if ns counted all, How countless would appear?How many?

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by BerriesEmulous of call Grand
Two men and also two women, all delivering loaded shotguns, drove to a ar where they planned to shoot as plenty of birds together possible. The 4 had certain no desire come eat any type of of the bird they were planning come shoot, and also they lugged no dogs to retrieve any kind of they taken place to hit. Every of the four civilization in turn would loudly shout a one-word command, and also when a bird would fly out in former of them, they would certainly shoot to damage it. When they to be finished, the body of 99 bird lay mutilated in the field, as only one bird had actually escaped your deadly shoot skills. The two men and also two women cheerfully exchanged high-fives, and also congratulated each various other on their wonderful hour of destruction. Numerous onlookers, who occurred to witness the onslaught, offered the four a according to round the applause for the entert
by BerriesEmulous of fame Grand
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Emulous of reputation (first)
by BerriesEmulous of call Grand
by BerriesEmulous of call Grand
There is one word the stands the check of time and also holds quick to the facility of everything. Though anyone will shot at least once in their life to move approximately this word, however in fact, unknowingly, they usage it every moment of the day. Young or old, awake or in sleep, person or animal, this word stands fast. That belongs come everyone, to every living things, however no one deserve to master it. Words is?
A blanket of crystals that covers all. Nothing deserve to escape that is fall. It will put you come sleep in a harsh way, and you will never again watch the day It"s top top the earth always and forever, component of our resides leaving, never. Floats and falls like small butterflies. Catch them and they will surely die. What am I?
I talk, yet I carry out not speak mine mindI hear words, however I execute not listen to thoughtsWhen i wake, all see meWhen ns sleep, all hear meMany heads are on my shouldersMany hands room at mine feetThe the strongest steel cannot rest my visageBut the softest whisper can damage meThe quietest whimper deserve to be heard.
A male moved right into a new house and also decided that was exhausted after the journey and also turned of every the lights and also went to bed. The next morning he had actually killed 365 people how could this be? he does no sleep walk he slept choose a baby
Give reasons for the following. The winds space directed come the best of their circulation in the northern Hemisphere.

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