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During her hosting duties in ~ the 2019 GRAMMY Awards, the 38-year-old singer take it the stage to recall among her fondest GRAMMY memories. In 2005, both Keys and Mayer were up for track of the Year; secrets for \"If i Ain\"t acquired You\" and also Mayer for \"Daughters.\"

When Stevie Wonder walked out to present the award, keys was sure she had actually it in the bag.

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\"When my hero, Stevie Wonder, opened up up that card and also started to check out in braille, I just knew he to be gonna feeling my name. Mine name,\" she exclaimed, before the clip of Wonder analysis the card started to play, announcing the it was actually Mayer that came the end victorious.

\"I ain\"t got that GRAMMY,\" she jokingly sang as soon as the clip ended.She walk on to assureher fans the \"this story has actually a yes, really happy ending.\"

\"John said, \"I agree, Alicia. This should\"ve to be yours,\"\" she recalled. \"And that literally damaged the GRAMMY and also wrote \"If ns Ain\"t got You\" v my name on it and gave it come me. Like, look at what that did! Look! and this is my fifty percent of my GRAMMY. This is mine HAMMY!\"

As keys finished reflecting off her fifty percent of the GRAMMY -- the yellow gramophone -- Mayer, 41, walked onto the stage with his fifty percent of the award, the black color stand v the plaque special his name and song.

\"This has obtained to be the coolest joint custody agreement in showbiz history,\" the quipped, complying with a sweet hug from Keys.

The \"New Light\" singer walk on to placed the two pieces that the GRAMMY back together, telling the audience that would remain that method \"just because that one night only.\"

No have to feel too negative for Keys, though! She go on to win four R&B awards in ~ the 2005 GRAMMYs,including Song, Vocals, Duo or group Performance and Album. Meanwhile Mayer won two that year, tune of the Year and also Best male Pop Performance, both because that \"Daughters.\"

Despite the GRAMMY not being totality anymore, fans have the right to still look earlier at the in its glowing glory, v pics from as soon as Mayer accepted the award around 14years ago.

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Though lock didn\"t pose with each other at the 2005 ceremony, lock did take a pic the night prior at Clive Davis\" pre-GRAMMYs party. In the shot, lock smiled beside actor Kevin Bacon and also producer Kerry Brothers.