With a roster that contained Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, and also a Glen Campbell tribute indigenous Blake Shelton, Keith Urban, Dierks Bentley and Toby Keith, country newcomers Cam stole the show with a large assist from Alicia Keys and also Little large Town"s smash hit, "Girl Crush."

Cam and also Alicia struggle the phase at the historical Ryman theater in Nashville, paying tribute come the band at the ACM Honors ceremony. The unique aired top top CBS ~ above Friday, Sept. 9.

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Only ET to be backstage v Cam prior to the large moment, wherein she gushed end rehearsing through the "In Common" singer.

"My an initial time meeting her remained in rehearsal and I genuinely do a face like, "Oh, mine f**king God!"" she adorably confessed. "She"s so, so great and is in together a great place."

Inside The Ryman later on that night, while sit at a piano, Alicia"s powerhouse vocals triggered the entire theater come erupt right into mid-performance cheers not once, yet twice.

"She"s master music and also life," camer mused earlier about her duet partner. "She is significant to it is in around!"

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Little large Town to be honored v the decision Milestone Award because that their dual platinum song, which invested 13 consecutive weeks atop the Billboard Hot country Songs chart and scored the tape its 10th nomination in the ACM Vocal group of the Year category.

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"It"s made just a huge massive dent in the landscape. That is just so cool that no one will ever before forget the song," said Cam. "It"s a the majority of high stakes, and they space sitting best there watching when we sing it, for this reason fingers-crossed us will execute them proud." (Safe to say, they did!)

For an ext behind-the-scenes action from Nashville, watch the video below.

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EXCLUSIVE: every the Behind-the-Scenes funny You Didn't check out at the ACM Honors

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