Despite Julie and also the Phantoms gift a TV show around rock ‘n’ role ghosts, the Netflix comedy’s many pleasant surprised is no musical no one supernatural.

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It’s the relationship between drummer Alex (played by Knight Squad‘s Owen Joyner), who is revealed to it is in openly gay in episode 2, and also fellow ghost Willie (played through Descendants‘ Booboo Stewart).

Without spoiling their entire journey end the show’s nine-episode first season, the pair’s link is not only respected yet celebrated, bring about the kind of refreshingly optimistic representation that a same-sex connection that you don’t often see in programming target at a younger audience.

“The way that Alex deals with his concerns — consisting of finding acceptance from his favored family, rather of his given family members — is a cool thing for youngsters to see,” Joyner speak “You’ve got your friends, too, and you can lean on them,”

Read on for our full Q&A through Joyner about bringing Alex (back) come life, fanboying end Cheyenne Jackson and developing one on-screen partnership with Stewart: | I need to say, this was one of the many bingeable reflects I’ve watched in a minute. This must have been a dream task for you.Oh, ns was excited as quickly as I very first read the malfunction for the show and also the characters. I’d been v Nickelodeon for six years, where I did two shows and also one pilot, but I never got to carry that musical next of myself into any kind of of my projects. And also I’ve to be doing musical theater because I to be 10, for this reason singing, playing the drums and acting room the three things I love come do. I likewise hate come dance, and I figured that ns wouldn’t have to dance as the drummer. I was wrong. | Uh-oh, what happened?I think it to be on the first day the rehearsals. Kenny come in and said, “Owen, I’ve gained the perfect point for friend — a run number v Carrie!”I was like, “What perform you have actually in mind?” and he to be like, “Oh, miscellaneous small.” The way Kenny works is that he’ll key something to you the he to know you’re nervous about, however he’ll make it seem choose nothing. And also then you end up doing an entire choreographed run in prior of, like, 70 background and also crew members. It was actually a most fun.

* | speaking of the show’s music, has actually any particular earworm gotten stuck in her head?They’re every in mine head at this point, yet I had actually a few favorite ones on set. Ns watched Madison execute “Wake Up,” which is together a beautiful song, and also I hadn’t heard the mastered version yet. And also then we had actually the sun that came up in the background, which to be beautiful, and also Kenny was tearing up. To view sort of find her place on collection was a really cool moment — i was happy to be there because that it. I likewise grew up doing music theater, so ns knew all about Cheyenne Jackson. Us had currently gotten our parts when Kenny was in search of someone to play Caleb, and also when he carried up Cheyenne Jackson, i pooped myself a little bit. I was like, “Oh, yeah, that’d be cool.” therefore “Other next of Hollywood” to be insane to film, since I just sat over there watching Cheyenne Jackson doing his thing. | Well, I’m currently a Sunset Curve fan. You guys really execute have good chemistry together bandmates.We had actually a big six-week rehearsal process before we began shooting. When we started it, we figured the they simply want united state to learn the songs and instruments, but it in reality went way past that. wanted united state to bond and also become friends, and also it worked. I’ve make friends because that life. | Let’s talk about Alex. I won’t lie, once I heard there was an openly happy character on this show, i thought, “Cool, he’ll have actually two lines and also no love interests.” ns was wrong.<Laughs> No! You should have faith in Kenny Ortega. | i really should. Just how does it feel to beat an openly character on a show directed in ~ a contempt younger audience? It’s sort of a rarity.At first, i was really excited because I thought it to be a story the the younger generation could benefit greatly native seeing. And also the means that Alex deals with his worries — consisting of finding acceptance from his preferred family, instead of his given family — is a cool thing for kids to see. You’ve got your friends, too, and you deserve to lean on them. I simply wanted to play Alex honestly and also respectfully. I want to do something that civilization would it is in proud of, and I expect they are. I simply trusted Kenny as soon as he stated he wanted me come play it, and I gave it my finest shot. | and I’m no sure kids can appreciate exactly how much courage it must have actually taken Alex to come out ago in 1995.Yes! He’s to be himself because ’95. And that’s one more thing that was so crucial for Kenny. Alex never really had actually a big coming-out episode. Kenny and also the authors knew the this boy has constantly been proud to it is in himself. And I think it’s cool to make it a normal point within television. His struggles room less around “How am i going to come out?” and an ext just about acceptance. | Well, I’m pretty certain that Alex is TV’s very first openly gay drummer — definitely the an initial openly happy ghost drummer.<Laughs> I’m hope he’s a first in something.

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* | ns was excited to see that Alex and Willie finished up as the show’s key couple. How was it building that dynamic through Booboo Stewart?So cool. He’s the best. He’s the coolest man ever. He to be a guest star, for this reason he wasn’t v us at our seven weeks of rehearsals and training. We had actually all end up being best girlfriend by then, and we to be going right into filming the present with this genuine relationship. Booboo and also I to be worried since we had to create a partnership out of nowhere, yet he touched down the day before we started filming and was like, “Can i come over and run lines?” So us did the for a couple of hours. He’s simply the coolest man ever, therefore it was all really natural.