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Gummy Bear Challenge describes a trend popular on TikTok in which a perkid positions a gummy bear as though it were singing a song on a stage while music, generally Adele"s "Someone Like You," plays in the background. The video camera then pans to a sea of gummy bears positioned prefer a crowd who then show up to sign up with in singing the song of the lead gummy bear.


In late 2018, TikTok user David Kasprak tweeted a video making it appear as though a sea of gummy bears was singing alengthy to Adele"s "Someone Like You." The video was tweeted by

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The video influenced further edits in the beginning of 2019. Other customers to replicate the video with Gummy Bears incorporate user 4kaye (displayed listed below, top) and also Twitter user
badreplrhs) January 5, 2019

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