Aaron Johnson stars together Dave Lizewski and also Chloe Moretz stars as Mindy Macready in universal Pictures' \"Kick-Ass 2.\"


Aaron Johnson stars as Dave Lizewski and Chloe Moretz stars as Mindy Macready in universal Pictures' \"Kick-Ass 2.\"

The “Kick-Ass” kids are cultivation up, and therein lies the deep bruised heart of the new sequel to the controversial 2010 masked avenger movie.

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“Kick-Ass 2” stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Chloe grace Moretz are currently 23 and also 16, respectively. He’s fathered two children and also she’s, well, 16.

While castle play younger in the sequel, the film has plainly taken their progressing maturity right into consideration, together Taylor-Johnson’s eponymous hero and Moretz’s hit Girl, and also their an enig identities Dave Lizewski and also Mindy Macready, face brand-new moral and also hormonal symptom aplenty.

“It’s different since they’re managing other issues and also really addressing where they’re in ~ in their resides as characters,” Taylor-Johnson says in his perfect English accent.

“They’re every going with this adolescence thing and relating come others. In the first one, it to be Dave really not fitting in anywhere and also creating this change ego, this perception of that he wanted to be. In this, it’s Kick-Ass finding out Dave Lizewski.

“And physically, Chloe, she’s so much older,” the adds. “How is she walking to attend to high school, and also is it basic for her? It’s not, because all she knows is how to kick the s— the end of gangsters. You’d think the she’d know exactly how to address popularity and girls in school, however she doesn’t. It’s funny because you watch her so vulnerable and intimidated. It’s simply those sort of dynamics that switch.”

Based ~ above the comic publication by note Millar and also John Romita Jr., “Kick-Ass” called the story of just how mild-mannered brand-new York comic book fan Lizewski turn himself right into a fairly ridiculous costumed crime-fighter – then met the better-prepared large Daddy (Nicolas Cage), who had rigorously trained himself and also his pre-teen daughter to carry out the same.

That film’s director, Matthew Vaughn, might not return for the sequel, however put the in the capable hands that writer-director Jeff Wadlow (“Never earlier Down”). If anything, Wadlow has actually made one even more scathing satire that superhero movies and the vigilante impulse the fires castle while retaining the original’s unstable humor and graphic violence and also language – while giving the undertaking richer characters and, prefer we’ve said, even an ext heart.

“It’s such an exciting character in general, but to view her grow up and also really change as a person was really interesting to watch happening,” notes Moretz who, with her dad gone, now has actually to offer up the life she’s known and also act prefer a continual teenager under the love foster care of she dad’s old police partner, Marcus Williams (Morris Chestnut), in the film.

“Jeff walk a really good job v the sequel, and it does go a lot deeper emotionally. It certainly goes more into that they yes, really are, who are the world behind the masks. We never ever really saw that through Hit Girl in the an initial one.”

Moretz had to go a fine line, though, between staying true come Hit Girl’s foulmouthed, mercilessly violent nature and Mindy’s strange new experience of acquiring picked ~ above by typical girls.

“It’s farming up through her, but additionally keeping her linear with the first film,” Moretz explains. “The point with a second film is, you want to shot all this brand-new stuff and adjust stuff up, yet at the very same time you’ve already created the character and people know her. So ns can change it a little bit, but I can’t totally flip it.”

The very first movie led to quite a stir with its depictions that the then-11-year-old Moretz cussing increase a storm and gleefully slicing increase adult masculine criminals twice her size – and getting nice brutalized in return. Teenage Chloe does much more of the same this time around and, together in the past, provides no apologies because that it.

“When I authorize onto a movie, I know the script, ns know precisely what I’m going come do,” she says. “So I never ever have any type of problems v my roles due to the fact that I would never film a movie that i didn’t fully support. That’s exactly how I feel with all mine roles.

“Some of castle are really controversial, however I don’t deliberately pick a role to be controversial. I execute it due to the fact that it’s funny for an actor to try different things. World get different things from different movies, yet I simply do it due to the fact that it’s fun and also it’s different from what i live top top a daily basis, which is a common life.”

So far, the significant complaint around “Kick-Ass 2” has actually come native a how amazing source: among its co-stars, Jim Carrey.

He dram Colonel Stars and Stripes, the contempt psycho leader of a group of costumed crime-fighters inspired by Kick-Ass, who at some point joins the justice-dispensing league. A vocal advocate of pistol control because last December’s Newtown, Connecticut, school massacre, Carrey has expressed remorse for the violence in “Kick-Ass 2” and has refuse to aid promote the film.

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“He didn’t disavow it,” Taylor-Johnson points out. “He just said he had actually a change of heart. He’s entitled to his opinion.

“I so delighted in working through Jim,” Taylor-Johnson adds. “He’s so enthusiastic, and he brings the mad kookiness the Nic Cage had actually in the very first one. He had actually thousands that ideas, and also he improvised and made us all laugh. This is a man that’s just full of passion, and also you admire that.”

Ironically, “Kick-Ass 2” come off together an indicting critique that the bonehead violence the plays for shock and laughs, not to point out as a slap in the face to the superhero movie genre the is right now dominating commercial American filmmaking.

“Kick-Ass really faces what the results are as soon as it comes to violence,” Taylor-Johnson observes. “Generally, it’s never ever good. Girlfriend go searching for trouble, you’re walk to end up in trouble, and also that’s what he’s comes to state with.”

“I think ‘Kick-Ass’ is type of opposing of a comic book movie, yet at the same time it’s the actual version that a comic book movie,” Moretz reckons. “It’s anti-superhero, in a way. The blog post in the an initial one is the a kid dresses up in a stunner costume and then the realizes that the people isn’t a comic book.

“In the 2nd one, we show that you gain what you sow,” she continues. “If you’re a negative guy, bad things space going to involved you. Yet also, if you’re a great guy, you’re hurting real people, beating castle up and killing lock – and you’re saving actual lives. It’s the realism within the second movie that really turns it around and also shows a various side the what Kick-Ass is.”