Lumina's perks make it a worthwhile enhancement to anyone's repertoire, but you'll have to finish the A Weapon of Hope quest in Destiny 2 initially. Here's all the measures lhelp out.

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Why Lumina has been popular in the past and also is most likely worth a pick up currently anymethod is the truth that it has actually some really unique perks. We"re talking two in specific - Noble Rounds and also Blessing of the Sky.

With Noble Rounds, killing enemies will certainly leave behind things called Remnants. If you pick them up and fire from the hip, the next swarm you take in that manner will certainly hone in on an ally and also refill your magazine a small. Blessing of the Sky is the actual kicker right here, bereason it transforms Noble Rounds supplied on an ally right into healing for them, and likewise provides the both of you raised weapon damages.

A Weapon of Hope Quest Destiny 2 Guide - Lumina Quest Walkthrough

A Weapon of Hope is the questline that you"re going to need to embark on if you desire to gain the Lumina hand cannon. Using this Exotic, you"ll be able to heal your allies and lug some energy to the team which a full-damages develop would be unable to do. However, to acquire the Lumina hand also cannon, you initially have to pick up a weapon dubbed Rose as component of this overarching quest; you"ll revolve this into Lumina after you imbue it with your power. Here are the search steps for the A Weapon of Hope quest:

Head back to wbelow you found Thorn - the Salt Mines. You"ll be able to loot a letter from that fateful place in the EDZ, and this will be inside a chest at the back of the camp where you find Thorn.You"ll then be asked to uncover a chest in a Lost Sector - the area varies from player to player.You have to nab 250 Orbs of Light, which have to be straightforward especially if you"re attempting this via a Fireteam; any kind of Orbs picked up by your mates will count, so carry out any kind of task wbelow you deserve to farm them out and you"ll be set.You"ll be offered Rose, and need to finish the complying with goals - complete a Nightloss with 50,000 points (easily done via modifiers on), complete either Blind Well, Lost Forges, or Escalation Protocol till you fill up a point gauge, and also mostly kill opponents without reloading.After that, you simply have to occupational Rose into your weapon rotation and also complete tasks through it till the pursuit is satisfied.Next, you"ll desire to get Crucible kills (via a hand also cannon), to get more orbs, and also to kill a Gamlittle invader within 10 seconds of invading and prior to they have the right to off someone on your team.Lastly, you need to complete the 1000 Voices Strike aacquire, while likewise damaging 11 Hive crystals while you"re in the strike. Kill the final boss with Rose, and that"s really the finish of the A Weapon of Hope quest in Destiny 2.

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Completing all those actions as is will allow you to turn your Rose into Lumina, and also as we discussed, we reckon its perks are plenty worth it. Need a hand through anything else on the Moon? Check out our guide on gaining the Outlast Gambit Prime weapon.