Start with a free body diagram. There are three forces acting on the sphere: gravity pulling the sphere down, buocouchsurfingcook.comncy pushing the sphere up, and tension pulling the sphere down.

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Applying Newton"s second law:

∑F = ma

B - W - T = ma

Since the sphere isn"t accelerating, a = 0.

B - W - T = 0

B = W + T

We know that the tension is one-fourth the weight:

B = W + W/4

B = 5/4 W

B = 5/4 mg

Buocouchsurfingcook.comnt force is defined as:

B = ρVg,

where ρ is the density of the fluid, V is the displaced volume, and g is acceleration of gravity.

ρVg = 5/4 mg

ρV = 5/4 m

The mass of the sphere is equal to its density times its volume. Since the sphere is fully submerged, it"s volume is the same as the volume of the displaced water.

ρV = 5/4 ρₓV

ρ = 5/4 ρₓ

ρₓ = 4/5 ρ

So the density of the sphere is 4/5 the density of the water. Water"s density is 1000 kg/m³, so:

ρₓ = 4/5 (1000 kg/m³)

ρₓ = 800 kg/m³

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if a gas has a gage pressure of 156 kpa its absolute pressure is about .....A... 56 kPa ....B....100 kPa.......C......25
NeX <460>

256 kPa because p-guage + p-absolute + p-atmospheric = 256

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A ball is thrown up into the air with an initial velocity of 18 m/s. A) How high does the ball go? B) Calculate the time needed
kaheart <24>

B) t = 1.83

A) y = 16.51


To solve this problem we must use the following equation of kinematics.



Vf = final velocity = 0

Vo = initial velocity = 18

g = gravity acceleration = 9.81

t = time

Note: the negative sign in the above equation means that the acceleration of gravity is acting in the opposite direction to the motion.

A) The maximum height is reached when the final velocity of the ball is zero.

0 = 18 - (9.81*t)

9.81*t = 18

t = 18/9.81

t = 1.83 , we found the for B.

Now using the following equation.



y = elevation

Yo = initial elevation = 0

y = 18*(1.83) - 0.5*9.81*(1.83)²

y = 16.51

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4 months ago

How do electric motors work?
Semmy <17>

Option C


The is option C or "they convert chemical energy from gasoline into kinetic energy." Electric motors usually require a power source for example a car, you put gasoline in that car which is converted into kinetic energy which allows the motor to operate and run, (enabling you to drive the car) the kinetic energy is then used into you run out of gasoline.

Hope this helps.

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You place three nonflammable objects in a fire. They are identical in shape and size, but one object is black, the second is whi
Nookie1986 <14>

The first object (black)


The thermal radiation of a body is governed by the Stefan Boltzmann Law, which is mathematically given as:



(Stefan Boltzmann constant)

Also the absorptivity and emissivity of a perfectly black body is maximum ( =1 ) therefore it absorbs all the heat energy incident on it and glows the brightest due to the perfect emission.

So here also the black object will glow brighter than the others.

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Which resistor dissipates the most power, the one with the greatest resistance or the one with the least resistance? explain why
Klio2033 <76>
The power dissipated by a resistor is equal to
where R is the value of the resistance and I is the current flowing through the resistor. From the formula, we can see that the larger R, the larger the dissipated power, so the greatest resistance dissipates more power.
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