# might 26th, 2010
# CS110
# Amanda L. Moen
# 5. Software program Sales
# A software company sells a package the retails for $99.

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# amount discounts are provided according to the following table:
# quantity Discount
# 10-19 20%
# 20-49 30%
# 50-99 40%
# 100 or much more 50%
# write a program that asks the user to get in the variety of packages
# purchased. The program need to then display screen the amount of the
# discount (if any) and the total amount the the acquisition after the
# discount.
def main():
# questioning the user to enter the number of packages purchased.
quantity = input('Enter the variety of packages purchased: ')
# determine the discount percentage.
if amount 10:
publish 'No discount.'
elif amount 20:
publish 'Your discount is 20%.'
elif amount 50:
print 'Your discount is 30%.'
elif quantity 100:
print 'Your discount is 40%.'
publish 'Your discount is 50%.'
# specify 'total'
total(quantity, discount)
def total(quantity, discount):
# with no discount each package the software expenses $99.00.

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# calculate the total price through the discount
total_amount = amount * discount * 99.0
# calculation the complete price prior to the discount
full_price = amount * 99.0
print 'The amount of your discount is ', full_price - total_amount
publish 'Your full purchase price is ', total_amount
# contact the key function.
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