You may have actually noticed that as soon as you select a different theme in PowerPoint, it rearranges the message on her slides and adds shapes to the background. This is since each layout has integrated slide layouts and background graphics. Girlfriend can edit these layouts through a feature called Slide understand view. When you learn exactly how to use Slide understand view, you'll have the ability to customize your entire slide display with just a few clicks.

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Optional: Download our practice presentation.

Watch the video below to learn more about using Slide grasp view.

What is Slide understand view?

Slide grasp view is a special function in PowerPoint that allows you to conveniently modify the slides and also slide layouts in her presentation. Indigenous here, girlfriend can modify the slide master, which will certainly affect every slide in the presentation. Friend can additionally modify individual slide layouts, i beg your pardon will readjust any slides making use of those layouts.

For example, let's to speak you discover a layout you like yet you don't choose a couple of of the slide layouts. You could use Slide grasp view to customize the layouts to look exactly the way you want.


In Slide grasp view, the on slide Master tab will certainly appear first on the Ribbon, but you'll still it is in able to accessibility commands on different tabs as you normally would.

Using Slide understand view

Whether you're do significant changes to your slides or just a few small tweaks, Slide master view can assist you create a consistent, professional presentation there is no a lot of effort. You might use Slide understand view to change just about anything in her presentation, but here are some of its most usual uses.

Modify backgrounds: Slide master view makes it easy to customize the background for all of your slides in ~ the exact same time. For example, girlfriend could add a watermark or logo to each slide in your presentation, or you can modify the background graphic of an currently PowerPoint theme.Rearrange placeholders: If you discover that you often rearrange the placeholders on each slide, you deserve to save time by rearranging them in Slide master view instead. As soon as you change one that the layouts in Slide grasp view, every one of the slides through that layout will change.Customize message formatting: Instead of transforming the text shade on each slide individually, you might use the Slide understand to readjust the text color on all slides at once.Create distinctive slide layouts: If you desire to create a presentation that looks different from regular PowerPoint themes, you could use Slide master view to develop your very own layouts. Practice layouts can include your own background graphics and placeholders.

Some all at once presentation changes—like tailoring the theme fonts and theme colors—can it is in made conveniently from the Design tab. Evaluation our class on editing Themes to learn more.

To make changes to every slides:

If you want to adjust something on every slides of her presentation, you can edit the slide Master. In our example, we'll include a logo come every slide. If you'd prefer to work along with our example, right-click the photo below and save that to your computer.



The presentation will switch come Slide understand view, and also the Slide Master tab will certainly be selected ~ above the Ribbon.In the left navigation pane, scroll up and also select the first slide. This is the slide master.

Make the desired alters to the on slide master. In our example, we’ll insert a picture of the Mongibello logo.

Move, resize, or delete on slide objects as needed. In our example, we'll resize the logo and move it to the bottom-right corner.


When you’re finished, click the Close grasp View command top top the Slide Master tab.

When you do a change to the slide master, it's a great idea to evaluation your presentation to see exactly how it affects each slide. Friend may discover that few of your slides don't look precisely right. We'll display you exactly how to fix this by personalizing individual slide layouts.

Customizing slide layouts

You deserve to use Slide grasp view come modify any type of slide layout in her presentation. It's basic to make tiny tweaks prefer adjusting background graphics and more far-reaching changes like rearranging or deleting placeholders. Unequal the slide master, alters to a slide layout will only be applied to slides utilizing that layout in your presentation.

To customize one existing slide layout:

In our example, our newly added logo is covert behind the photograph in the Picture with subtitle Layout. We'll customize this layout to do room for the logo.

Navigate to Slide Master view.
Locate and select the wanted layout in the left navigation pane. You deserve to hover the mouse over every layout to view which slides are currently using the layout in the presentation.
In part layouts, the background graphics may be hidden. To display the graphics, uncheck the box alongside Hide lift Graphics.
Add, move, or delete any type of objects together desired. In ours example, we'll delete the gray elevator shape.
If you desire to adjust the plan of the placeholders, you can move, resize, or delete any kind of of them. In our example, we'll relocate our message placeholders and also the black bar come the best side, and the photograph placeholder to the left side.

You can likewise move placeholders ~ above the slide master, which will move the placeholders top top multiple on slide layouts in ~ the very same time. However, part slide layouts may still have to be readjusted manually.

Customizing text formatting

You can additionally customize the text formatting native Slide grasp view, including the font, text size, color, and alignment. For example, if you want to readjust the font because that every title placeholder in her presentation, you can modify the grasp title style on the on slide master.

Each location placeholder is connected come the grasp title format on the slide master. Because that example, take it a look at the slides before an altering the title font.

Instead of personalizing individual placeholders, friend can adjust the theme fonts for a presentation. Indigenous the Slide Master tab, click the Fonts command in the Background group, then choose the preferred fonts.

Creating new slide layouts

One that the most powerful features that Slide master view is the choice to create new slide layouts. This is an easy means to include interesting and unique on slide layouts come an existing theme. You might even usage this attribute to architecture an completely new theme, together in the example below.

To insert a brand-new slide layout:Navigate to Slide master view. Native the Slide Master tab, click the Insert Layout command.
The layout will encompass title and footer placeholders by default. Click the Title and Footers boxes in the Master Layout group to toggle this placeholders on and also off.
You have the right to now include background graphics, shapes, and pictures come the slide layout. Girlfriend can likewise move, adjust, and also delete the present placeholders. In ours example, we'll move the title placeholder to the bottom-right corner. We've also changed the text alignment come align right instead of align left.
To add brand-new placeholders, click the bottom half of the Insert Placeholder command, then pick the wanted placeholder type. In this example, we'll usage the Picture placeholder.
To rename a custom layout:

When you're done developing your tradition layout, you'll want to offer it a distinctive name for this reason it will be basic to find.

From Slide master view, select the wanted layout, climate click the Rename command.
To use a custom layout:

Once you've developed a tradition slide layout, it's simple to include a new slide through that layout or use it come an currently slide.

If you're currently in Slide master view, click the Close grasp View command on the Slide Master tab.From the Home tab, you deserve to insert a brand-new slide with the tradition layout or apply it come an currently slide. In ours example, we'll select the Layout command and also apply the new style to slide 6.

PowerPoint also permits you come add brand-new placeholders come existing slide layouts.

Using custom layouts in other presentations

When you change the slide master or on slide layouts in Slide master view, you're actually developing a custom version the the present theme. If you desire to use the theme to various other presentations, you'll should save it.

To conserve a theme:

From the the slide Master tab, click the Themes command, then choose Save existing Theme from the drop-down menu.

If you're no in Slide understand view, you can save the theme from the Design tab. Just click the drop-down arrowhead in the Themes group, then choose Save current Theme.


On the on slide master, adjust the Background Style to layout 7.

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Delete the tall rectangular shape near the left of the slide master.Close Slide grasp view and also select on slide 4. Your slide should look choose this:
Reopen Slide grasp view. In the Picture with Caption layout, select the background shape on the left next of the on slide behind the text,and change the color to Dark Aqua.When you're finished, on slide 2 have to look choose this: