“Was it an intentional decision to hire writers who so obviously detest babies? Is there any pregnancy that will come to fruition?" -- Diana“I have completely given up on trying to follow the inheritance/parentage ramifications and am just waiting to see who ends up in the carcel/morgue/manicomio/nunnery." -- Blue Lass

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Valentina is settling in at the boarding school, she makes a new friend, Fernanda whose father sent her to boarding school after he remarried. Fernanda has not seen her mother since the divorce and she doubts her mother knows where she is, the girls bond over the fact that they are alone in the world, and I think Valentina has found her "Karen".Gaston is a great man, he realizes that Mau misses Valentina and he tells him to write to Val in Boston and he will make sure that the letters get to her.Alfonso is discharged from the hospital and is set up at the Murat mansion- this gives Nuria access to him and while everyone is sleeping she crawls up the stairs, takes a pillow and smothers Alfonso to death, in the process a diamond from the ring Gonzalo gave her falls off and lands under the bed, Nuria realizes this much too late. The next morning Nuria is in agony, she injured her leg even more when she crawled up the stairs and goes to her doctor to demand pain killers, because she is pregnant her refuses to give her stronger medication.Raquel and the nurse that is looking after Alfonso check in on him, at first Raquel thinks he has woken up and soon realizes something is wrong, she calls the nurse over and the nurse starts looking for a pulse- there isin"t one and just like that we have lost another good guy. Mau writes Valentina and tells her that their grandfather has died- what in the world? Shouldn"t an adult have called Valentina and given her the news?Nuria is in bed in pain, she demands that Mica give her strong pain killers to ease the pain in her leg, Mica reminds her that she can"t have strong painkillers because it could harm her baby. Nuria gives zero flips about her baby- she believs that the fetus is defective because of the exposure to the radiation and tells Mica that the baby is already damaged, so what does it matter if she takes strong pain medication, it"s not like it"s going to damage the baby more. Ok, it"s time to say "die Nuria, die".Gonzalo tries to visit with Valentina in Boston but she refuses to see him, he brifly considers pulling her out of school and taking her home.Valentina writes to Mau, her letter says that she does not want to go back home because she does not want to be around Gonzalo, Mau is heartbroken because he thought their separation would only be temporary. Gaston promises to take Mau and Raquel to visit Valentina.Mica, Nuria and Chelo are home alone, Gonzalo is in Boston and Beto took Raquel to the doctor. There is an electrical storm and the roads have been flodded and this is when Chelo goes into labor, Mica calls a friend who is a midwife for help, Chelo"s labor is complicated, the baby has the umbilical cord around his neck but the midwife manages to deliver him, however she tells Mica that she"s not sure the baby will survive, he"s too small and weak but Mica believes baby Tobias will be okay.Mica and the midwife assist the devil, I mean Nuria during the birth of her baby, she too has a baby boy who is strong and healthy, but it turns out that Nuria does not want the baby, she does not know if the baby is going to have health issues in the future and she is not going to spend her life tied to a child with medical issues- she tells Mica that she finally has all of her fathers attention and she"s not going to share that with anyone else and that includes the baby, she instructs Mica to pay the midwife and to get rid of the baby.Mica is horrified and takes the baby away, she makes up her mind to ignore Nuria and her demands, her plan is to hide the baby from Nuria and wait until Gonzalo comes home so he can figure out what to do. Mica takes the baby to Chelo and realizes baby Tobias has died- she makes up her mind to pass Nuria"s child as her grandchild.
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