1.In assigning gathered costs come the job-related In procedure Inventory, every one of the complying with would it is in entries except:

a.raw materials are used.

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b.overhead is applied.

c.the acquisition of life materials.

d.factory labor is used.

2.The management duty that requires supervisors to for sure that various departmental activities are coordinated.





3.When determining expenses of jobs, how does a company account because that indirect materials?

a.It is included to occupational in process as used.

b.It is transferred out of raw materials right into manufacturing overhead as soon as used

c.It remains component of raw materials inventory..

d.It is transferred out of raw materials into work in process as used.

4.A process cost system would be used for



c.patient healthcare.

d.motion pictures.

5.When computer the predetermined overhead rate, the complying with are provided

a. Yes, really monthly costs and also actual annual activity.

b.estimated monthly costs and actual monthly activity.

c.estimated yearly costs and also expected yearly activity.

d.estimated yearly costs and actual activity

6.Manufacturing overhead costs that space assigned to manufacturing in a procedure cost device are debited to

a.the Finished products Inventory account.

b.the occupational in procedure account.

c.Cost of products Sold.

d.a production Overhead account.

7. Small amounts of lubricant offered in the production procedure of an auto manufacturer is classified together a(n)

a.period cost.

b.direct material.

c.miscellaneous expense

d.indirect material

8.Increase in automation reasons the decrease in which ingredient of product cost?

a.Direct materials

b.Direct labor

c.Manufacturing overhead


9.A process with no start work in process, completed and also transferred the end 65,000 units during a period and had actually 50,000 systems in the finishing work in process inventory the were 20% complete. The identical units of manufacturing for the period were:

a.80,000 identical units.

b.125,000 identical units.

c.115,000 tantamount units

d.75,000 identical units

10.In using the high-low method, i m sorry months room relevant?

Month MilesTotal Cost

May80,000$ 96,000




a. May and June

b. May and July

c. June and July

d.June and May

11.Cinder agency had the complying with department information for the month:

Total materials costs$ 80,000

Equivalent devices of materials10,000

Total conversion costs$120,000

Equivalent devices of counter costs12,000

How much is the complete manufacturing price per unit?

a $8

b. $18.



12.A source document that is supplied in assigning expense to the job expense sheet?

a.Materials requisition slip

b.Raw products receiving slips.

c.Materials acquisition orders.

d.Finished items shipping documents.

13.All that the adhering to are offered in process costing other than when

a.similar products are being produced.

b.large volumes space produced.

c.a series of connected manufacturing procedures is necessary.

d. Products are heterogeneous

14.A cost that changes in total cost but remains consistent per unit at assorted levels of task is a

a.fixed cost.

b.variable cost.

c.mixed cost.

d.manufacturing cost.

15.Sales room $500,000 and variable costs are $200,000. What is the contribution margin ratio?




d.Cannot be established because quantities are not expressed every unit.

16.All that the complying with are excellent in prepare a production price report, except?

a. Compute the indistinguishable units the production.

b. Prepare the job order price sheet

c. Compute the physics unit flow.

d. Prepare a expense reconciliation schedule.

17.In a job order price system, accumulating manufacturing prices include every one of the following except

a.Cost of items sold is recorded

b.Raw products are purchase

c.Factory labor is incurred

d.Manufacturing overhead is incurred

18.Fixed costs normally will not include

a. Property taxes

b. Labor

c. Supervisory salaries

d. Depreciation on buildings and equipment.


Millar firm has the following price records for might 2016



Indirect manufacturing facility labor

$ 10,000

Advertising Expense

$   8,000

Direct products used


Depreciation, factory equipment



Direct labor



Maintenance, office equipment


Depreciation, office equipment


Indirect materials


Sales the supervisory board


Office Manager Salary






Prepare a price of products manufactured schedule for might 2016



Cost of goods Manufactured

Schedule for the Year ended May 31, 2016



Mottle Inc. Fixed expenses are expected to it is in $80,000 and variable expenses are meant to be $20 every product. Sales price is $40 per product and targeted net revenue is $300,000



a. Determine the required sales in units and also dollars to rest even.

b. Determine the required sales in devices to achieve targeted net revenue of $300,000.


Marvin agency estimates that yearly manufacturing overhead prices will it is in $900,000. Estimated yearly operating activity bases are: straight labor price $450,000, direct labor hours 300,000, and an equipment hours 150,000.

a. Compute the predetermined overhead rate using (i) straight labor price as the activity base (ii) straight labor hrs as the activity base and also (iii) maker hours as the task base.

b. If task 101 has 60,000 direct labor hours, compute the production overhead the it have to be assigned making use of the predetermined overhead rate computed in inquiry a. Above.

c. If job 102 has actually 20,000 maker hours, compute the manufacturing overhead that it must be assigned utilizing the predetermined overhead rate computed in concern a. Above.


Blake Johnson has the following cost and also production data for the mixing Department for December 2013

Cost data:

Beginning work-related in procedure inventory, December 1

straight Materials$30,000

Conversion Cost$ 6,000


Cost incurred during production in December

Direct Materials$390,000

Conversion prices $122,000


Total Costs$548,000

Production data

Completed and transferred out52,000

Ending work-related in procedure 8,000

Ending work-related in process was 100% complete as to materials and 25% complete regarding conversion costs.


(a)Compute the indistinguishable units for materials and conversion costs.

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(b)Determine the unit cost for materials and also conversion

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