Southern Methodist college in Dallas is one of many prestigious colleges in Texas. The school"s soccer team was the proud of the university and also the city. Before the so late 1970s, however, the fairly small school had actually trouble recruiting and also struggled to store up through the big-time football universities that to be often more than dual its size. Under push to compete, the SMU football program engaged in ethics, rules, and recruiting violations for years. When the corruption involved light, the NCAA handed the end its most serious punishment in the history of college sports-the "death penalty"-which cancelled the team"s whole 1987 schedule. In A Payroll come Meet, author David Whitford details the Mustangs" descent into corruption and the fallout as soon as it to be discovered. Many egregiously, the football regimen ran a huge slush fund that was offered to pay football player from the mid-1970s through 1986. Bill Clements, chairman the the SMU board and also soon to be reelected branch of Texas, knew all about the slush fund before the NCAA did. He opted, however, come phase the end the payments fairly than stop them immediately, for fear that upset players can go public and also create still more problems because that SMU. Clements and also the strong director Bob Hitch decided that the football program had "a payroll to meet." David Whitford is one editor at large for happiness magazine and also a continuous commentator top top sports, business, and also politics for television. The is the author of Extra Innings: A Season in the an elderly League and also Playing Hardball: The High-Stakes battle for Baseball"s new Franchises.

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David Whitford is an editor at big for luck magazine and a continual commentator top top sports, business, and politics because that television. He is the writer of Extra Innings: A Season in the senior League and Playing Hardball: The High-Stakes battle for Baseball’s brand-new Franchises.

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IntroductionAcknowledgments and also SourcesPrefacePart I1. Bear of a Salesman2. The Glory Years3. Eye Job4. The I-45 Connection5. Expenses6. Great on the HoofPart II7. Harmful Effects8. A collection StormPart III9. Acquiring Away v Murder10. Blowin" and also Goin"11. Great Ol" Boys12. No Limits13. Continue to be Out of It14. The mischievous Nine15. Then carry out It16. Winding DownPart IV17. Damages Control18. Fatality Row19. ExecutionEpilogueIndex

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Editorial Reviews

“Should be forced reading for every college president.”—Frederick C. Klein, wall surface Street Journal  

wall surface Street Journal

“David Whitford does a fine task of detailing a decade of sordid events leading to SMU’s banishment native football.”—F. E. Halpert, The Nation

The country - F. E. Halpert

has actually put the entire narrative with each other so that it reads a bit like one athletic version of Jimmy Breslin’s novel The Gang that Couldn’t shoot Straight.”—New York Times book Review

New York Times publication Review

“Should be forced reading because that every university president.”—Frederick C. Klein, wall surface Street Journal