A direct equation is in the form of Px + Qy = R where P , Q and R are constants.

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Let us take an instance 2x +3y = 6

When we plot the above equation in graph we get a line in xy aircraft.(as presented below) Because, there are two variables, x and y, then will it be possible, only on the xy plane.

It is additionally clear from the graph that linear equation reflects the relation between x and y axis. Therefore, it is true to say a linear equation determines a line in the xy-aircraft.


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Did I execute it rightly?
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Yes. If the segment just has actually 2 points, it can be called both ways.
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1.5 is 0.2% of what number
natta225 <31>



Step-by-step explanation:

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ivann1987 <24>
Let the variety of red beads be x, then the variety of yellow beads is 50 - x.Then, 6/9 = x/(50 - x)9x = 6(50 - x) = 300 - 6x15x = 300x = 300/15 = 20As such, we intend 20 red beads in the bag.
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Carol wanted to watch exactly how the information would certainly readjust if she did not incorporate the outlier in her examine. The outcomes are displayed in the tabl
11111nata11111 <884>


the variety was affected the most

Step-by-step explanation:


The biggest watch news is: 46

The smallest watch news is" 26

So the variety of the data

26 ≤ array ≤ 46

Average is the "middle" of a sorted list of numbers

So we will certainly rearvariety the list:

26 26 32 35 38 39 40 45 46

So the median is 38

Lower quartile and upper quartile

As we recognize the lower quartile value is the median of the lower fifty percent of the information. The top quartile value is the median of the top fifty percent of the data.

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So, the reduced quartile is: (26+32)/2 = 29

the upper quartile is: (40+45)/2 = 47.5

Interquartile range

The upper quartile - the reduced quartile = 47.5 -29 = 18.5

Which value was impacted the most?

If she does not cross the outlier, our data collection is:

26 26 32 35 38 39 40 45 46 72

=> median : (38+39)/2 = 38.5

=> The upper quartile: 45

=> The reduced quartile: 32

=> Interquartile array : 45 -32 = 13

=> the range (26 ≤ variety ≤ 72)

So the variety was influenced the most

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Step-by-step explanation:

The ptobcapacity of gaining a quarter is 5/25 to the simpliest create is 1/5

The four probability is fundamental probcapability, compound event, independent and dependent occasion and also the probcapability line.

I hope it"ll assist you much

Thank you for asking

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