The gap between an present state and a desired state is referred to as​ _______.A.a problemB.heuristics C.bounded rationalityD.a decision E.uncertainty

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Andrew must buy a brand-new office copier. The lists the functions the copier must​ have, such as a​ integrated scanner, color​ copying, and an automatic document​ feeder, along with how much he have the right to spend. Which action of the​ decision-making procedure does this​ represent?A.Identifying decision criteriaB.Identifying the problemC.Selecting one alternativeD.Developing alternativesE.Allocating weights to the criteria
Andrew goes come the office supply store and talks to a sales​ representative, who reflects him number of copiers the can meet his needs. Which action of the​ decision-making process does this​ represent?A.Selecting an alternativeB.Identifying the problemC.Identifying decision criteriaD.Developing alternativesE.Allocating weights to the criteria
What is the first step in the​ decision-making process?A.Analyze alternatives.B.Allocate weights come the decision criteria.C.Identify a problem.D.Develop alternatives.E.Identify decision criteria.
Factors that are vital or pertinent to solving a difficulty are described as​ _______.A.rulesB.heuristicsC.big dataD.decisionsE.decision criteria
After looking in ~ several​ copiers, Andrew decides to buy one. That knows other models can be available​ elsewhere, however he​ doesn"t have actually time come keep​ looking, and also the one the is buying appears to satisfy his needs. This is an instance of​ _______.A.maximizingB.evidence-based management​ (EBMgt) thinkingD.satisficingE.escalation of commitment
The​ saying, "Throwing good money after​ bad," definition that you continue to rubbish money top top a losing​ proposition, best describes​ thinkingB.intuitive decision makingC.bounded rationalityD.satisficingE.escalation the commitment
​__________ refers to the principle that plenty of managers absence the time and also the ability to procedure all that the alternatives to solve a problem.A.Rational decision making B.Intuition C.Heuristics D.Bounded rationality E.Design thinking
Heidi is the marketing manager at a large winery. The expensive advertisement campaign she planned has flopped so​ far, but instead of scrapping it and also trying something​ else, Heidi decides to invest more money in the campaign and run ads in even an ext publications. This is an example of​ ________.A.rational decision makingB.a linear thinking thinkingD.escalation of appointment E.satisficing
Alicia is convinced that she deserve to tell more about a task applicant in a​ 5-minute interview than through​ pre-employment tests or reference checks and insists the her gut instincts are never wrong. Alicia is using​ _______.A.intuitive decision makingB.a linear thinking styleC.rational decision making D.​evidence-based management​ (EBMgt) E.heuristics
The​ data-driven, systematic use of the best obtainable facts and information to enhance management practice is referred to​ as: A.bounded rationalityB.nonlinear thinking reasoning D.​evidence-based management​ (EBMgt)E.intuitive decision making
The office manager has to place another order because that copy​ paper, for this reason he check the office supply​ company"s website to check out if one of two people of his wanted brands is top top sale before placing the order. This is an example of​ a(n) _______.A.unstructured problemB.programmed decisionC.policyD.nonprogrammed decisionE.nonlinear reasoning style
​Brandi"s Bakery has actually received its an initial major commercial​ order, and also the owner requirements to determine if she deserve to fill this order on her very own or if she needs to hire an employee. This is an example of​ _______. A.a procedureB.certaintyC.a programmed decision unstructured problemE.satisficing
A sign in the college bookstore says that students can return a textbook just if that is still​ shrink-wrapped and also returned within the an initial 10 work of the semester. This is an example of​ a(n) _______. A.ruleB.unstructured trouble C.procedureD.policy E.nonprogrammed decision
Cashiers at the supermarket are permitted to adjust the price of things up to a preferably of​ $5.00 without gaining the​ manager"s approval. This would ideal be defined as​ a(n) _______.A.unstructured problemB.ruleC.policyD.procedureE.nonprogrammed decision
In order to make exchanges or return at a clothing​ retailer, customer service representatives have to follow one established series of​ steps, such together checking the​ receipt, inspecting the items for​ damage, and also issuing a keep credit. This is an instance of​ a(n) _______.A.ruleB.policyC.procedureD.unstructured problemE.nonprogrammed decision
A manager have the right to make the many accurate decision under a case of​ _______ since the result of every alternative is known. A.uncertainty B.risk C.certaintyD.probability E.ambiguity
Whenever Gabriela demands to book a hotel room in an unfamiliar​ city, she always stays in ~ a​ Marriott, because​ she"s familiar with the brand. This is an instance of​ ________. A.the randomness biasB.a procedure C.a rule D.a heuristicE.the hindsight bias
Which​ decision-making prejudice refers to a decision​ maker"s tendency to assess how likely miscellaneous is to occur or how closely it resembles other occasions or to adjust of​ events?A.Selective perception bias B.Anchoring effectC.Hindsight bias D.Representation bias E.Availability bias
Alberto is a manager that trusts his hunches when making decisions. He is an ext apt to follow his instincts than usage facts or data. This is an example of​ _______. A.a linear thinking styleB.the hindsight biasC.heuristics D.​evidence-based management​ (EBMgt)E.a nonlinear reasoning style
More people will buy soil beef advertised as​ "80% lean" instead of​ "20% fat" even though the an interpretation is the same. Which​ decision-making prejudice does this​ reflect?A.Availability biasB.Framing biasC.Hindsight biasD.Confirmation biasE.Overconfidence bias
Managers that use​ facts, logic, and also rational thinking to overview their decisions and actions are using​ _______.A.a nonlinear thinking styleB.the selective perception biasC.intuitive decision makingD.a linear thinking styleE.heuristics
In making​ decisions, an international managers require to take into consideration the​ values, beliefs and attitudes of the people involved. Which guideline for effective decision making does this​ represent?A.Consider all obtainable and viable options.B.Know when​ it"s time to relocate on.C.Require only as much info and evaluation as is necessary to deal with a details dilemma.D.Decisions must not create conflicts of interest.E.Understand cultural differences.
Instead of identifying and also evaluating alternatives with logic and deductive​ reasoning, a manager using​ _______ would try to envision and also entertain new and innovative solutions to a problem.A.bounded rationalityB.big dataC.linear thinking E.​evidence-based management
Which the the complying with managers is using big data in decision​ making?A.A customer service manager examines attendance data indigenous the last 12 months.B.The room chair at a​ medium-sized college reviews enrollment data because that the previous 3 years to recognize what classes to offer throughout the loss semester. C.A sales manager analyzes changes in sales as a an outcome of one advertisement put in the regional newspaper.D.A large retailer offers software to adjust prices in actual time for​ 70+ million items based on demand and inventory.E.A supermarket analyzes customer transactions to identify how many customers used​ cash, how plenty of used credit​ cards, and also how many wrote checks.




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