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I am trying come submit some forms but I am unable to fax over the documents. I do not have access to a fax machine. Is there an email I have the right to send the documents to?

I simply lost my 1st and 2nd husband"s. Have the right to I collect on either s.s.?I to be 54. Ns am married life separately.

I desire to check if SSS dept has my existing / correct address..I can"t mental if ns did do my readjust of address. Thank you.

I would choose to make an appointment to accomplish with a claims Representative in Anaheim, CA. In stimulate to discuss my retirement options. I"ve referred to as two times since May 16th.

BAD world WHO work HERE!!! I will NOT name ANYONE HERE, nor SPECIFY exactly WHAT HAPPENED. But KNOW I taped EVERYTHING. First OF ALL, THEY show NO SYMPATHY because that THE ELDERLY! ns AM MANDATED come REPORT ANY form OF ABUSE towards THE ELDERLY. I have RECORDED EVERYTHING and I WILL obtain HER NOTICED!!! mine GRANDMOTHER WENT and ASK about HER SUPPLEMENTAL CHECK but THIS man TREATED HER favor SH**!!! my GRANDMOTHER and THE GENTLEMEN were TALKING and MY GRANDMOTHER confirmed HIM some PAPERWORK SHE needed TO administer SO SHE CAN acquire HER complement CHECK. He THEN started EXPLAINING, and also KEEP IN mind SHE understood EVERYTHING. THERE was THIS last STATEMENT HE had STATED and also MY GRANDMOTHER might NOT recognize SO an INTERPRETER CAME and also YELLED in ~ MY GRANDMOTHER!!!!! favor SERIOUSLY? SHE simply WANTED TO recognize WHAT the SAID!!!! MY poor GRANDMOTHER WALKED out CRYING. HOW can SOMEONE job-related HERE!!! gain YOUR SH** with each other ANAHEIM OFFICE!!!!

Have component A and want to enroll in part B. Form from employer is in ~ this office.Can ns enroll on heat or perform I have to come in?If I should come in how do ns make one appointment?Agustin Landa

May 23, 2018

Security policemans are very rude they act favor they space police officers.

Oct 19, 2015

I go in roughly 10AM v my mom to booth number 4. First of all, she did not call our number (t10) three times but she continuously asserted to perform so. Even if she did speak to our number 3 times, the lot of attitude she provided us was not okay because that me. Second, I involved get mine social defense card which to be so exciting and also I don"t know if she to be discriminating or just being super rude the my mom couldn"t speak English and also I to be a minor yet I don"t ever want to it is in mistreated prefer that again. She didn"t shot to resolve the problem. We brought my expired passport, mine DACA work authorization card, my institution transcripts indigenous kindergarten, my institution ID, and also much more. Yet, she told us we might not apply without also looking because my passport to be expired when our lawyer called us specifically that expired passports work. How deserve to someone simply be rude choose that and also not shot to deal with anything work there? How have the right to they work-related for the government with together a crude attitude? I"m not certain she taken that us waited around an hour just for her to rotate us away. I"m therefore saddened by this experience and I highly recommend the she never talks to an additional person choose that again.


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Opening up a MySocialSecurity Account If you payment in come Social security or are looking for benefits, you will have to open a "my society Security" account. This is an digital account directly from the society Security administration that allows you save track of and also manage her SSA benefits, and enables you come make transforms to your Social protection record. Mine Social protection Account Getting a Social security Card OR replacing A Social defense Card OR Correcting A Social security Card 1. Discover what documents you"ll need to acquire an original, replacement, or repair Social security card, whether it"s for a boy or adult, U.S. Citizens or noncitizen. Records List. 2. Review the instructions for and also fill the end an applications for a new, replacement, or repair card. Society Security develops 3. Social protection cards aren"t processed online. Publish your application and find out wherein to take it in person or letter it. Missing Social protection Checks or Payments call the agency. The paying company will provide you accuse on exactly how to paper a claim record the claim with the payment agency. (800) 772-1213. Supplemental security Income pays benefits based on financial need. Social defense Disability Public social insurance programs the replace earnings lost since of a physics or mental impairment severe sufficient to stop a previously employed human from working. Monthly cash benefits space paid come the standard individual v a disability and his or she eligible dependents throughout the duration of disability. SSI SSI benefits likewise are payable to world 65 and also older there is no disabilities who fulfill the gaue won limits. World who have functioned long sufficient may likewise be able to get Social Security handicap or retirement benefits and SSI.