It’s been around two weeks due to the fact that Pierre to be born, and they are back in the apartment together. Paul’s mother is coming to visit and also meet the baby, and she’s never left the US before nor met Karine. It in reality goes quite well, Paul’s mommy is happy and also chill, and Karine thinks she have the right to learn a couple of things from her / influence Paul to pick up the slack.

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Laura and Aladin (51 and 29 year old)

It’s the first day of the wedding ceremony, which is a relatively informal party. Liam has actually been MIA, just hiding out in his room, for this reason Laura go to check out what’s up. Liam says he is too exhausted to participate in the first day and isn’t worried around possibly offending Aladin and also his family. She begs him to at least make an appearance and also to provide Aladin a genuine chance, but he think Aladin is a repeat of her last bad relationship. He speak Laura how he yes, really feels, and it all comes out how Liam basically simply hates everything.

Laura leaves Liam’s hotel in tears and also goes to the party. Aladin is in a really great mood though and the party actually seems pretty legit. Aladin walk to examine on Laura who’s still in the house being sad, and also he’s likewise hurt by Liam’s attitude. That begs she to come out anyway and shot and do the ideal of the party, and also Laura go feel bad for placing a damper ~ above things. She makes it out the house and also they all dance the night away.

Corey and also Evelin (32 and 26 year old)

Corey is back home, help his mother take down the Christmas tree. He’s been residence for “a few weeks”. They room still in a lot pain from losing his dad and also he’s conflicted around leaving again. He still has a month on his visa come think it all over. His mom simply says to monitor his heart.

Tiffany and Ronald (27 and also 29 year old)

It’s to be “a couple of weeks” because the huge fight. Tiffany doesn’t have health insurance money of any kind, so they are checking out a windy hospital to check out what the maternity ward is like. These places have actually a negative reputation follow to Ronald, and the human being who gives them a tour doesn’t instill lot confidence. They likewise break the news the Ronald won’t be able to hang out during the distribution either. Lock really desire to update to a exclusive hospital, but don’t know if they can make it take place financially.

Jenny and also Michael Jones (60 and also 30 years old)

A producer is putting a mic ~ above Jenny and asking she to “walk us through what happened”. Sumit came earlier to the apartment native his house, and received a phone speak to that makes him panic operation out that the apartment. One more man came earlier to to speak he is Sumit’s wife’s father, and also Sumit has been married because that 2 year already, and Sumit and also his in-laws are all coming to meet Jenny. Even the other woman shows up, and someone throws their shrine on the ground. Sumit’s family is at sight pissed and also Jenny is scared. In ~ some point someone had actually Sumit pushed versus the wall. They are threatening to contact the police and put castle in jail. Lock asked him if he loves Jenny, he says yes, and also then the dad in law calls the cops and they come and take Sumit away. She hasn’t viewed him since. Jenny doesn’t know what come do, however feels she no belong here.

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Jenny skypes home to shot and define this clusterfuck to she daughter. It’s to be “a few days” since the incident, and a month because she’s speak to she daughter. She in reality defends Sumit, speak he never ever wanted to marry an additional person. Her household is livid and also tells her to come home, yet she doesn’t understand what she wants to do. She gets turn off the call and the illustration ends.