Tonight, ~ above the recent episode that 90 job Fiance, Azan and also Nicole continued to fight things out in Morocco. Check out on to uncover out what happened.

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Luis and also Molly

Molly is continuing to have issues with her father protesting about her upcoming wedding to Luis. Molly desires her dad come walk her under the aisle for her wedding.

Luis knows that Molly"s father doesn"t choose him and that he"s racist. He doesn"t really treatment if he involves the wedding or not. Luis points the end that Molly"s dad doesn"t really call her much anyway.

Luis feel Molly is a tiny too stressed about the wedding.

Luis is likewise really plan on living it up because that his bachelor party. Molly, however, feels that this is one appropriate and tells louis that he demands to focus on her and her girls.

Molly and also Luis decide to have actually their hair excellent by a hairdresser the Molly prefers, which in turn upsets Luis, because he doesn"t seem to have actually an opinion.

Luis talks around how his single life is about to die, i beg your pardon is tough for him. He additionally makes fun of Kensley. Molly feels her heart is breaking since she adores her girls.

Molly safety time v her girlfriends for her bachelorette party. She goes to a drag queen club and also has the time of she life.

Meanwhile, louis goes come a piece club and also wants to stay out late, and also gest upset when Molly phone call him asking him come come back.

Annie and also David

Annie and David room spending their first day in the US and also trying to gain themselves. Annie is concerned, however, around David"s drinking. An awkward instance results when David easily gets drunk and starts to make inappropriate remarks.

David starts laughing as soon as Annie is crying around the situation.

David denies that he has actually a drink problem and says the he"s no willing to prevent drinking because that Annie.When David choose a fight through Antonio, the girlfriend of Chris"s wife, by saying that he wants to sleep with Chris.

Antonio gets really upset, which at some point results in Annie wondering exactly how long they"ll critical in Chris"s home and where they"ll continue to be if they need to leave.

David feels the he didn"t do any type of inappropriate. However he does tell Annie the he"s walk to adjust for her due to the fact that she deserves it. David also takes Annie to a sex toy shop, which she finds hilarious.

Andrei and Elizabeth

Andre heads out to accomplish with Elizabeth"s friends and also sisters.

Her sisters insist that they"re going to take it Elizabeth come a bachelorette party despite Andrei being upset about it. Elizabeth"s sisters are concerned around the truth that Elizabeth is really independent and also free-spirited and also likely to target heads with Andrei.

Elizabeth meets up with her sisters who desire her to have actually a funny night the end for her bachelorette party. Elizabeth desires to it is in respectful to Andrei.

David and also Evelyn

Evelyn really wants David to see how nice new Hampshire is so she takes the apple picking. However David wants Evelyn come travel with him and see the world.

David feels the it"s challenging to adjust from the big-city life to together a tiny town. Evelyn phone call David an elitist.

Evelyn"s household takes David out for mexico food, i m sorry David thinks could be because he"s Spanish.

David points out that a lot of businesses appears to be relocating out the town, which concerns him and also makes that think that more opportunities could be in one more American city. Meanwhile, Evelyn"s family thinks David comes throughout as elitist.

Nicole and also Azan

Nicole and also Azan were already arguing by the time that the camera crew arrived. Nicole is upset but the producers don"t understand why. Nicole describes that she"s upset because she wants to sit down and also talk to Azan but he doesn"t want to spend time v her.

Nicole feels the Azan is yes, really disrespectful to her. Azan climate walks away from Nicole and also they get into a little if a tussle.

Nicole later on breaks down to the producers and also notes that Azan look at her as a dumb American. Azan keeps walking away from Nicole because he doesn"t desire to speak to her.

Nicole notes the she"s not sure if she"s going to rest up through Azan or not.

Aika and also Josh

Josh complains come his friend around how Aika desires him come buy her a new ring.

Josh talks around how he"s currently spent a lot of money top top Aika. Josh"s girlfriend is sympathetic and also doesn"t think he must be security so lot on Aika once she could be untrustworthy.

Aika meets up through Joe to hang out through him at a shooting range.

For some reason, Joe desires to steal a minute with josh to speak to that alone. When Aika interrupts, Joe speak her straight that he doesn"t think she"s great for Josh.

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