The couples come face-to-challenge through their new houses, and while Ariela compares her apartment to a Saw movie collection, it’s clear that settling right into a foreign living room isn’t as basic as it looks. You can’t please ’em all.

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“I Can’t Stay Here”

Deavan and her mommy Elicia are still reeling from seeing the rented apartment. “I supposed you to be a male and to take treatment of Deavan and also the babies. This is scary to me,” Elicia tells Jihoon. “I don’t feel secure at all.”

The alleyway leading up to the dilapidated apartment additionally renders Deavan dub the home as part of the “ghetto of Korea.” She scolds Jihoon for not exploring the location to make sure it was safe for their children. Even Jihoon’s parental fees are equally appalled at the apartment.


“This instance is extremely messed up bereason of me,” Jihoon apologizes in a confessional. They head as much as the modestly furnished home. It’s extremely tiny, especially for a family members of four, and Deavan says the images online were inexact.

Deavan was the one who booked the apartment, albeit remotely from Utah given that Jihoon refoffered to study it. “He’s supposed to be a husband also and father but he can’t even look at an apartment for us,” she explains. “I can’t stay below for a month.”

“Today on the first day they relocated to Korea, I have fairesulted in earn their trust,” Jihoon cries.

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Trust Me

Tim and also his mommy prepare for his move to Colombia. They talk about his connection via Melyza over packing. Last year, Melyza got a six-month tourist visa, and also the original setup wregarding have that be a trial-run for a K-1 visa. Yet only a month right into her stay, Tim cheated on her. He likewise made it obvious on his social media pperiods, so she conveniently uncovered out before he confessed.


Tim’s mother and her friend hope to visit him in Colombia to confirm he’s doing the ideal point. She’s largely concerned Melyza is making use of Tim’s infidelity to obtain more control in the relationship; as she describes, it need to be even more of a give and also take. But first, Tim demands to earn Melyza’s trust earlier.

Prince Charming

Ariela lands in Ethiopia. Biniyam buys roses for her and her mother, yet Ariela is beginning to gain nervous around her decision to resituate before giving birth. He is giddy through anticipation, calling Ariela his “blessing.”

Ariela and also Biniyam adopt, and he likewise immediately cdamages her mom. However before, Ariela has some reservations: Biniyam adjusted his hair and also shed weight given that she last saw him. She’s nervous it’s not simply his physical appearance that has adjusted and probably points will certainly be various in between them, too.

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Road Trip

Kenneth is driving to Mexico from St. Petersburg. His road pilgrimage is composed of 11-hour drives for 4 days. He hasn’t seen the love of his life for nine months, and Kenneth is exceptionally excited to see his fiancé Armanperform.

In Mexico, Armanperform and his daughter Hannah pack for their move, also. Armando initially will certainly be meeting Kenneth at their new residence and then bringing Hannah after a week.

Armanexecute claims goodbye to his mommy and also sister, while his father refoffers to check out him off. “I’m hurting because I understand my mom’s sad, and I’m sad as well, yet I’m looking forward to my life, my future through Kenny. I just can’t think he’s leaving everything he knows for me,” Armanperform defines.

Halfmeans There

Tim goes to his therapist for a last visit. Melyza had urged him to look for counseling after he cheated on her, and Tim has been working on himself for around a year. His therapist asks wbelow Melyza is through her route to forgiveness.

“It really behooves you to perform the tough point and also just bare your heart,” Tim’s therapist advises. “Forgiveness is healing and also restoration and also it simply builds somepoint stronger. needs her heart to be safe.”

Tim likewise is maintaining his technology support task and his home in Texas bereason he’s not “100% confident” in his partnership via Melyza. He also can return to the UNITED STATE if he can’t find one more occupation in Colombia. “If Tim does not go all in, then they don’t stand a opportunity,” his therapist tells the video camera, wary of Tim’s plans.

Paper Trail

Jenny and also Sumit wake up in their brand-new apartment. “Sorry no magic happened last night. I was so tired,” she laughs. For her initially day earlier in India, they plan to check out their new area.

Over tea at a café, Jenny asks Sumit to see his divorce files. He describes that just when it’s finalized will he have files, which appears outlandish. Regardmuch less, he supplies to bring Jenny to the courthouse to ask for the papers. “This time I’m promising it, we will obtain married,” he assures her.

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Moldy-locks and the Three Bears

Biniyam mirrors Ariela the apartment he found for them. As they drive approximately a small alley, she jokes she’s in a horror movie. Inside, she is still stunned. “It’s destructive. The colors are depushing, it’s dark, and also obviously it’s leftover decorations from whoever before was renting it,” Ariela comlevels. “This bathroom looks prefer somepoint from one of the Saw movies. I can smell the mold.”

Ariela is worried that her mommy will not let her live in the residence. She keeps laughing and hiding her face, however states, “inside I’m dying.” She tells Biniyam she doesn’t desire to hurt his feelings yet it’s “destructive.” He chides himself for disappointing her.

The apartment is actually pretty nice, but Ariela somehow expects more. Once aacquire, she reminds the audience she’s a “world traveler” and has stayed in some “pretty precarious places” yet this fully-furnished, modern apartment is someexactly how the worst she’s viewed. Dare we say, spoiled much?

“This horrible shitty apartment is offering me second thoughts around continuing to be in Ethiopia,” she tells the video camera. Good point she deserve to constantly relocate back to live in her successful parents’ New Jersey mansion aacquire. “World traveler”-slash-father’s secretary is not an actual project either.

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Payment Problems

Jihoon asks Deavan to soptimal privately. He tells her they need to move as shortly as feasible, and she tells him he needs to assist pay for the brand-new apartment. “I know that you passist for whatever until now,” Jihoon states to Deavan. “I’ll pay for every little thing from currently on.” But he additionally states he has actually no money and also is still in debt.

The couple has actually issues trying to connect through the translator tool, which keeps mistranslating. “If I had actually known that you didn’t have money, I wouldn’t have come here,” Deavan tells him. Jihoon begs her to stay for simply a few months, however she states she’ll leave via her mom instead.

“I’m really confused because I don’t have anypoint to go earlier to, but I don’t have anypoint below either,” Deavan cries.

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Armancarry out and also Kenneth reunite in Mexico, while Jenny learns that divorces have the right to take as much as 4 years in India. Ariela’s mom is a “mess” after seeing their apartment, Jihoon apologizes to Deavan aacquire, and also Brittany type of and Yazan’s family members butt heads.

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