From roadway trips v goats to watching pigs squabble (and yes, that consists of Tom) this week brings the entirety zoo come the 90 Day circus.

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Let’s failure this pet behavior.

You’ve Goat to be Kidding

Lisa and Usman head to the sector to pick out a goat come gift his mother. The presentation that a goat is supposedly a classic sign the respect, and Usman’s mother will eventually kill and also eat it once it’s older.


“I am very nervous about it because Usman’s mommy is a very conservative Muslim, and I to be a white American Christian, so she is no onboard with me,” Lisa explains. She purchase a prime goat because that $115 however is cynical of being “ripped off” due to her race.

They head ago to the hotel through the goat in the trunk of the car, and Lisa names that Barney. “Now my fate lays v a goat,” she states to the camera.

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True Colors

Varya is excited to present Geoffrey around her home nation of Siberia. He likewise plans to open up up to her about his previous while there. “Although I’m a different person now, when I was younger i did walk to jail for dealing drugs. I’m not proud the the person I was,” he states in a confessional. “But I’m afraid once I phone call Varya the truth, she’ll never speak to me again.”


While at Varya’s high school, Geoffrey ultimately tells her component of his background. She is understandably frustrated and blindsided, and it cuts to commercial prior to we deserve to learn more.

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Rain, Rain, go Away

Ed and also Rosemarie prepare the house to make an are for him come stay, and also her father educates them that he will also be resting in the exact same room. “I desire to make certain that he shows respect to Rose,” her dad speak the camera.

“I’ve never ever shared a room v my girlfriend and her father in my life,” Ed complains. “But there’s a dry storm outside and also I’m stuck.” v all the rain, he is also worried about their roof collapsing, and his skin-sensitive sheets haven’t arrived yet either. It seems prefer a storm definitely is brewing.


Rosemarie’s dad announces that he’ll rather be sleeping next door, however then Ed clues the exposed electric wire and worries around the rain affecting their power. He also shudders at the according to thunder. “What? You’re scared prefer a big baby,” Rosemarie laughs.

“What the f**k am i doing, this is insane,” Ed tells himself with his anxiety. The power shuts off, and also Ed deserve to only wonder if Rosemarie is trying to come to America come escape she life in the Philippines.

All around Control

The job after their explosive date, Stephanie still plans on travel to harbor Augusta to satisfy girlfriend Erika’s friends. Meanwhile, Erika calls one of her pals for support. “I don’t know exactly how to attend to her gift jealous,” Erika vents. “But I’m excited because that you all to satisfy her.”

Stephanie is also jealous around the truth that Erika told her friends about their argument. “I would have desired if girlfriend didn’t tell her friends around our problems,” she scolds Erika.

Erika rightfully begins to reevaluate your dynamic, explaining the without shared trust, their relationship won’t work. Halfway through their journey to port Augusta, Erika make the efforts to begin a conversation with Stephanie around the ahead night.

“There’s still ingredient I’m upset about from last night. I simply don’t think the best place to talk about it is in a moving vehicle on an virtually four-hour drive,” Stephanie shuts down.

“I assumption: v there sort of seems favor there’s some regulate issues, and also that yes, really scares me due to the fact that I’m a free-spirited person,” Erika counters, without having to allude out that Stephanie is also trying to manage when and also where your conversation deserve to take place. “Everything that went down last night was yes, really unnecessary.”

Stephanie defines that she could seem controlling due to the fact that her life has actually been “unstable” recently, specifically with her health and wellness over the previous two years.

Deflated David

After Lana didn’t present up at the train station, David decides to take trip to she hometown to discover her. The embarks ~ above the 400-mile journey to lastly meet Lana after 7 years of talking to her. “If ns was younger, I more than likely wouldn’t be doing this. But I’m appropriate at a crossroads in mine life. I’m means beyond once I wanted to it is in married and I’m not going to sit here waiting because that Lana to finish her games,” he speak a producer if driving.

According to David, this is the last straw in his relationship. He later on gets a level tire after nine hours of driving due to the uneven roads. “This trip has actually been such a struggle, yet I’m not offering up top top Lana,” the affirms. “If ns do fulfill her, I setup to suggest to her.”

A pack of Croc

Ash takes Avery on a crocodile cruise to shot to “rekindle their playfulness,” or in various other words, deflect her questions. “I’m loving all these experiences yet this is no a vacation. I’m here trying to figure out if this is walking to be my lifelong partner. It’s really vital to leave Australia v all the questions I had coming here answered,” Avery tells the camera.

She asks again when she can satisfy Ash’s ex-wife and son Taj. He just says the he’s tho “working top top it,” yet then privately admits that he doesn’t want them come meet.

Post-Tom stress Disorder

Tom shows on his meeting v Darcey and says he’s frustrated v himself for how he taken on “the Darcey train” that simply ran the over, favor he wasn’t the one conducting everything. Tom FaceTimes through his sister Emma to discuss seeing Darcey. Emma asks if he ran ~ Darcey after she left, and he admits to speak to Darcey inappropriately. “I execute feel sad. I did have feelings because that her,” Tom speak Emma, who claims that she knows Darcey isn’t best for him.

Tom is adamant around seeing Darcey again despite while he’s tho in brand-new York. “It seems choose a genuine shame to go residence with an ending like this,” he speak the camera.

Meanwhile in a hotel room, Darcey is tho in tears. “I truly loved him and I offered him mine heart, and also all ns really wanted was to it is in loved,” she admits. “My biggest fears come true. Tom is a Jesse in disguise. … He play me because that a fool.”

Darcey bemoans she tumultuous love life, and says she just hopes to be loved someday.

Don’t drop the Soap

“I feeling broken,” Ed significantly states to the camera ~ spending a night there is no air conditioning, a wet mattress pad, and mosquitoes.

He speak Rosemarie the he can’t spend an additional night in her home and also asks if she would join him at a hotel. “I wish Ed might stay at my home and also spend time v my son,” Rosemarie speak the camera, hoping Ed would certainly have linked with her kid Prince prior to leaving again.

Rosemarie bathes Ed and also her dad together prior to they head out. “This has to be the weirdest suffer of mine life,” Ed confesses, as chickens and rabbits run v the house. Ed fall the soap when a rat scurries previous his sandals. “I cannot wait to gain out of here,” he concludes.

Not-So-Happy Hour

Erika and Stephanie arrive in Erika’s hometown, and the pair get cleared up in your hotel apartment. Erika invites her friend Clair to meet up through them later, but Stephanie isn’t all set to accomplish anyone just yet. “It could be a small hard for me tonight due to the fact that I feel prefer you’re yes, really mad in ~ me and I’m now an alleged to placed on a face and also act every happy about your friend,” Stephanie confronts Erika. Well, gee, probably it would be much less awkward if they had discussed this ~ above the way there!

Erika states that she to be hoping Clair might act together an icebreaker to your tension. Later on while in ~ the hotel bar v Clair, Stephanie automatically fuels the fire through opening as much as Clair around how lot she disliked the bust sculpting date.

Erika defines that she is plan a party to present Stephanie come everyone, but Stephanie is nervous around running into any kind of of Erika’s exes. While Stephanie is in the restroom, Erika confesses come Clair the there has actually been a absence of intimacy and also affection v Stephanie and she’s worried around how compatible they space together.

David and the genuine Girl

David wanders about Lana’s city hoping to discover her. That does have actually her deal with (or a an alleged address), yet he doesn’t want to “scare her.” instead he will to showing her snapshot to arbitrarily shopkeepers. Good plan, David.

He finally decides to just go ago to his hotel to view if she’s online. She had messaged him earlier asking if that still want to accomplish to take a photograph so she might get she visa. This thinly-veiled effort to use him because that a environment-friendly Card somehow provides David elated. “Everything is forgiven … I’m so close,” David giggles giddily.

Tears & Fears

Now ago to Geoffrey and also Varya. He admits to being in jail for two years, and she is shocked that he didn’t tell she sooner. Geoffrey proceeds to say that he was bad growing up so drug dealing was an easy way for the to get money. Varya tells him the her cousin died from a medicine overdose, and so his confession is specifically upsetting to her.

“I don’t even like thinking around it, thinking about the human being I might have hurt,” Geoffrey tears up. He states he tries to “lead by example” for his own youngsters today.

Still, Varya says that she never would have let Geoffrey pertained to Russia or present him to her mother if she knew the fact beforehand. That asks for forgiveness, and also she tells him the she just needs space.

Pork Problems

Rosemarie, her father, and Ed take trip to their family members pig farm via bus. Ed has trouble navigating the farm and slips in mud before slinging food into the pig pens. Rosemarie’s father apparently lives in a shack on the property across from the pigs, and also right after finding out this, Ed asks to take it Rosemarie come a hotel because he can’t was standing the heat.

“I’m so happy we’re walk on a vacation away from she family and away from this environment, ” Ed tells the camera. That is also unsure if it’s “true love” come Rosemarie after seeing she living conditions.

Save your Tears

Stephanie and also Erika go back to the hotel, and also Stephanie offers to sleep ~ above the couch. “I feel favor I’m getting a lot of of blended signals. I desire someone to be excited around being about me,” Erika vulnerably speak her, citing their absence of both physical and also emotional intimacy.

“There’s a difference between talking about things online and then meeting and being thrust into a brand-new situation,” Stephanie stoically counters. “Like, I just met you.” She bring up her condition yet again and also that the stress and anxiety of being around Erika is too much for her.

Erika is a bright light of reason and also maturity during their totality conversation, and eventually she pipeline to offer a selfish Stephanie space to sob to no one.

Mother Disapproves

Usman motivates Lisa come don timeless attire prior to meeting his mother. Usman, Lisa, and also goat Barney arrive at his mother’s house to hopefully get her blessing prior to getting married in Nigeria.

They fulfill with the females of the family: Usman’s mother, his 2 sisters, and also his sister-in-law. His eldest sister claims she never ever expected to check out Usman through an enlarge woman favor Lisa, but he reminds her that Lisa is an American and they need to be open to her.

In a possibly jumbled translation, Usman tells his family members that Lisa is a doctor in the U.S., as soon as she is in fact a hospice caregiver. Usman’s brothers joins the conversation, and also finally Usman announces his intention come wed Lisa. His mother and older sister both instantly say no and walk away.

“I am totally disappointed of your reaction,” Usman says to the camera before telling Lisa they should leave. His mother describes in a confessional the she’s not simply worried around Lisa’s age, however also about Usman perhaps leaving to live in America through tense gyeongju relations.

“You’ve had two year to exercise this,” Lisa tells Usman. “At this point our relationship could be over.”


We watch Avery trying come break with to Ash, that tells her that it’s not right for her to inquiry him and also he considers self single. Varya asks Geoffrey to tell her mother around his past, and also Usman begs his brother to shot and sway their mom to expropriate Lisa.

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Plus, Darcey meets with twin Stacey to comment on all points Tom, and also Yolanda defines the blackmail instance to she daughter. Stephanie confronts Erika about her vault relationships, and surprise, surprised Lana will most likely stand increase David however again.