The condo wherein Nicole Brown Simpson and also Ron Goldman were brutally stabbed come death.

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Crime scene tape blocks the enntrance gate to the condo. Beyond the door was the two bodies.

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The condo has actually been greatly renovated and also tall tropic plants have actually been put in to stop visitors from see the entrance wherein the crimes occured.

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What Happened:

On the evening of July 12, 1994, Nicole Brown – ex-wife that NFL star O.J. Simpson – was found dead ~ above the rock walkway of she Brentwood home. The 35-year-old mom of two had actually been stabbed consistently in the head and neck, practically decapitated, and also left birthing a dark-red flow of blood that bifurcated right into the footpath’s cracks. Nearby, her girlfriend Ron Goldman – a waiter in ~ Mezzaluna, the restaurant where Nicole dined previously that night – place slumped at the basic of a tree. Goldman had been compelled into a chokehold and stabbed multiple times in the neck and body. Both victims shown minimal defense wounds on their hands, arguing Brown and also Goldman had actually been quickly overpowered and quickly gave in to your injuries. Bloody footprints and drops the the assailant’s blood revealed the killer had actually simply walked far from the scene.

Following the murders, LAPD contacted Simpson to define what'd happened. An ext importantly, they needed Simpson to pick up his children, 5-year-old Justin and also 8-year-old Sydney, who were sleeping in Brown’s condo when their mom was slaughtered. Despite Simpson seemed upset by the news that Brown’s passing, he to be procedurally dubbed in because that questioning and also examination ~ above July 13; this required a blood sample the Simpson offered voluntarily. On July 17, after ~ receiving blood-test results linking Simpson to the killings, detectives argued he it is in charged with two counts that first-degree murder. Despite Simpson had already begun creating a legal “Dream Team,” consisting of lawyers Robert Shapiro and Robert Kardashian, he quickly drafted what many taken into consideration a self-destruction note and fled in his white Bronco. With other NFL star Al Cowlings behind the wheel and Simpson – an unhinged and feeble version of his former self – in the backseat v a gun to his very own head, the 2 led a low-speed police follow that ended up being one of the most-watched occasions in history; it attracted an approximated 95-million viewers nationwide. Simpson ultimately surrendered, just after speaking v his mother and also drinking a glass that orange juice. The trial it s long eight months, during which Simpson never ever took the stand and also was ultimately acquitted the both murders.

Disturbing Facts:

•According to forensics, 25-year-old Ron Goldman arrived on Brown’s home just as the murder was acquisition place. Had he arrived yet five minute later, he would certainly have found Brown’s body instead of joining her in death.

•Bruising and also a footprint on Nicole Brown’s back suggest the assailant stepped on she spine because that leverage, lifted she head by she hair, and proceeded to slit her throat, severing the carotid artery, revealing her larynx, and incising she vertebrae C3.

•O.J. Simpson met Nicole Brown as soon as she to be an 18-year-old waitress at a Beverly Hills exclusive club called The Daisy; they started dating despite the fact Simpson was already married.

•The couple’s marriage was steeped in residential abuse. In fact, your prenuptial covenant even banned Brown from working. Nicole regularly wrote around Simpson beating she in public, private, and also during sex. Despite she informed the police eight times, Simpson was arrested for residential abuse just once.

•Just before the murders, Simpson was cast as the lead function in a film dubbed Frogmen. To prepare because that his component as a previous U.S. Marine SEAL, the underwent substantial military training, consisting of learning a an approach known together the “silent kill” or throat slashing.

•Next come Goldman's body police found a blue knit cap; a left-hand, extra-large Aris Isotoner light leather glove; and also an envelope v glasses Goldman intended to return to Brown. SEALs on regular basis wear knit caps choose the one discovered at the scene.

•The right-hand, extra large Aris Isotoner irradiate leather glove was uncovered on Simpson’s property.

•The prosecution uncovered hair follicles and also fabric fibers from the victims within Simpson’s vehicle.

•Simpson, Brown, and Goldman's DNA were uncovered on the bloody glove behind his home.

•Simpson's DNA was uncovered next to the bloody footprints near the victim at the Bundy crime scene. Probability that error was 1-in-9.7 billion.

•Simpson's DNA was uncovered leading away from the victims, towards and on the earlier gate at Bundy. Probability the error was 1-in-200.

•Simpson, Goldman, and Brown's DNA was discovered outside of the door and inside Simpson's Bronco. Probability that error to be 1-in-21 billion.

•Simpson's DNA was found leading from the area where his Bronco was parked in ~ Simpson's Rockingham residence to the former door entrance.

•Simpson and Brown's DNA were uncovered on a pair that socks in Simpson's bedroom. Probability of error to be 1-in-6.8 billion.

•In 1996, the Brown and also Goldman households filed a survivor suit and also wrongful fatality suit (respectively) versus Simpson and won. The success was essentially fruitless.

•On in march 11, 2018, O.J. Simpson listed a comprehensive hypothetical account of just how the murders can have to be committed had actually he to be involved. Though he originally used phrases like, "I would" and also "I'd think,” he eventually began saying things such as, "I remember I got the knife,” and also "I don't remember, but I have to have.”

Where it Happened:

875 south Bundy journey in Brentwood, Los Angeles, California. The building was placed up for sale in October of 1994 and also purchased in 1997. The brand-new owner then adjusted the attend to to 879 south Bundy Drive. They also remodeled lot of the area where Nicole and also Ron’s bodies to be found. In 2006, the house was again placed up for sale, and also by this time the notorious walkway where Nicole Brown was murdered had actually been moved. The condo eventually sold for 1.7 million dollars and remains occupied.

Mezzaluna, the restaurant that O.J. Simpson frequented, Ron Goldman functioned at, and Nicole Brown checked out just before her murder is currently a Peet's Coffee and also Tea shop situated at 11752-11770 san Vicente Blvd. In the Brentwood community of Los Angeles.

Additionally, crucial locations the the Bronco chase space as follows:

1. Simpson's 9-1-1 speak to is traced to the I-5 Freeway near the Ascension Cemetery in Lake Forest.

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2. Indigenous a news helicopter, reporter Zoey Tur point out the Bronco close to the El Toro Y interchange.