In the nationwide 2015 special needs Statistics Report, the was uncovered that 12.6% of americans of all eras reported having actually a disability of part kind. However, according to this report’s findings on individual states, California ranked 4th lowest in the country in regards to percent of populace with disabilities (8.6%).

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if this should absolutely be a resource of pride for both the health and wellness of California residents and the medical advancements keeping them healthy, the does not median that special needs is no an problem here.

If your severe disability prevents you indigenous working, taking care of yourself, or living her live normally, then you may qualify for Social Security impairment benefits.

Continue below to learn much more about neighborhood Social security resources in the Riverside area and also how friend can start the process.

Riverside’s main Social defense Office

Address: 7880 Mission Grove Pkwy S, Riverside, CA 92508Phone: (800) 772-1213Office Hours:MON: 09:00 to be — 04:00 PMTUES: 09:00 to be — 04:00 PMWED: 09:00 AM—12:00 PMTHUR: 09:00 am — 04:00 PMFRI: 09:00 to be — 04:00 PMSAT & SUN: CLOSED


By car: This Riverside office is located north the Orangecrest and throughout the street indigenous Mission Grove along Mission Grove Parkway.

it is additionally easily accessed indigenous Trautwein Road, which operation north-south alongside it with a main exit onto Mission Grove Parkway.

Disability-accessible parking can be found both in front of and behind the building.

By public transit: The 20, 22, and 26 buses every take passengers with the Mission Grove area. The 26 bus deserve to be required to the Mission Grove FS Earhart means stop, which drops passengers straight in front of the SS building.

The 20 and also 22 buses have the right to be required to the Mission Grove FS Estancia Apt. (SS) stop, i beg your pardon is straight beside the building as well.

Riverside, CA Social defense Office Information

Riverside’s ODAR Office

ODARs (Offices of handicap Adjudication and Review) are not offered for initial handicap applications. Instead, they room for applicants who wish to have actually their instances reviewed ~ an initial insurance claim denial.

Applicants deserve to schedule hearings here with an administrative law referee (ALJ). The ODAR that services Riverside residents is located in Moreno sink at the address noted below.

Address: 22690 Cactus Ave. 3rd Floor, Moreno Valley, CA 92553Phone: (886) 737-4503

List of all Moreno valley ALJs:

Judge Josephine ArnoJudge Kenneth E. BallJudge Lynn GinsbergJudge Marti KirbyJudge Dana E. McDonaldJudge Michael B. RichardsonJudge Joseph D. SchlossJudge Tamara Turner-JonesJudge Andrew Verne

Average hear Wait Time: 19.00 monthsAverage processing Time: 627 daysAverage Dispositions every Day every ALJ: 1.47

Congressional and also Senatorial offices in Riverside

During the application process, that is feasible to to decrease your case decision wait-time by contacting her local federal government offices. Here, a worker have the right to look up your application status and potentially more it follow me in the procedure if that is stuck in limbo in between assessments.

various other methods, such together speaking through a impairment attorney, can do this as well.

Congressional Representatives:

Mark TakanoAddress: 3403 10th Street Suite 610, Riverside, CA 92501Phone: (951) 222-0203


Dianne FeinsteinAddress: 11111 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 915, Los Angeles, CA 90025Phone: (310) 914-7300

Kamala D. HarrisAddress: 312 N. Spring St. Suite 1748, Los Angeles, CA 90012Phone: (213) 894-5000

Contacting a handicap Attorney

Disability attorneys, unlike most other attorneys, work-related on contingency. This way that, if they agree to work on her case, they room not permitted to take it payment unless you win. Also then, their payment is taken indigenous your earlier pay and also cannot exceed an ext that 25% of your earnings.

This makes special needs attorneys one of the most low-risk and also high-reward resources you have the right to utilize when applying for special needs benefits.

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Even if you space unsure, consider a cost-free consultation v a handicap attorney this particular day to view if they deserve to be of assist to you throughout your disability benefits process.