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Stay home. Gain care.

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Virtual care visits offer clinical care when you need it - whereby you need it.

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Stay home. Gain care.

Virtual treatment visits sell clinical treatment when you require it - wherein you require it.

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Stay home. Gain care.

Virtual treatment visits market clinical care when you require it - whereby you require it.

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•Accepts most insurances•Confirm coverage v your insurance money company•Coverage different by location and service


•Total expense varies based upon services provided•Cash, checks* and credit cards are welcome* MinuteClinic does no accept check at our clinics inside Target.
I to be unable to get an meeting at my clinic for 5 days for something the I essential to resolve within 48 hours. The minute clinc was close, convenient, clean, and also the doctor truly listened. I signed up online before I saw bed and also was in and also out in ~ 30 minutes the next morning.
The practitioner was so type & took she time v me. She explained everything really thoroughly. I extremely recommend this clinic!
<...> an extremely thorough, kind and listed plain language explanations because that my care and care options. Say thanks to you <...>
It to be a an excellent experience. Got my flu shot and I to be in and also out in no time. East, fast and also informative.
<...> is an extremely professional and also knowledgeable. Ns felt heard and understood, which is so important when when you feeling miserable. I’ve currently recommended her and also this location.
We both acquired our flu shot and also we did no have much more than 5 minute wait time. She obtained us both done and out of there in much less than 10 minutes. Thank you because that the an excellent job the you did.
This to be my 3rd time see her in between myself and also my kids. She is always really positive and also upbeat, respectful that time, and is a good listener. We have actually had good experiences, and in a time whereby we require medical treatment quickly, ns am constantly thrilled come walk into her office.
Overall good experience, ns felt very safe with the protocols in place to combat covid. Practitioner was extremely helpful.
PA to be gowned , masked and wore gloves. That is why i did not observe hand washing . She was very efficient answered my questions professionally.
I visited the clinic v my two youngsters (ages 12 and also 10) because that flu shots. We supplied the digital booking appointment device which is great. Ns loved gift able to choose a time we could make work with our schedule. Mine daughter has actually a many apprehension around shots for this reason the yearly flu vaccine trip can be rough. The physician who treated us was great. She was really friendly and efficient.
I was very impressed v my provider together one with professionalism, friendliness and also the shot did not even hurt! :)
•Accepts most insurances•Confirm coverage with your insurance money company•Coverage different by location and also service
•Total price varies based on services provided•Cash, checks* and credit cards room welcome* MinuteClinic does no accept checks at our clinics within Target.

How much is a MinuteClinic Visit at 7841 Amana follow Inver Grove Heights, MN with and without Insurance?

Can’t do it in because that a visit? We likewise have video clip Visits, which enable you to see among our health treatment professionals native the lull of her own home as an alternative for just $59 every visit. Currently, a video clip Visit is not spanned by insurance and is not required to gain treatment.

If you have a liven schedule, it deserve to be a an obstacle to discover time to make it to your doctor"s office for a flu shoot or annual checkup. It can be even much more frustrating once you aren"t feeling well however can"t acquire an appointment that fits her schedule. Fortunately, you can come to MinuteClinic®. Our Inver Grove Heights clinic is located inside Pharmacy® at 7841 Amana Trail, and also our staff of nurse practitioner’s physician assistants can check out you there is no an appointment.

It"s easy to acquire to our clinic from local landmarks consisting of Inver hardwood Golf Course, Thresher fields Park and Inver Hills community College. Our clinic is west of Lafayette Freeway and also just north of Highway 55, close to the intersection of S Robert Trail and Amana Trail.

Practical ways to protect against the flu

With all the holidays and school events that occur in fall and also winter, the last point you want to do is come down with the flu. The best way to avoid getting sick is to get your flu shot native MinuteClinic®. You have the right to come in as soon as you"re in the community or do a same-day meeting online. Along with getting your flu shot, you can also aid yourself and also your family members stop the flu by following these tips:

Sanitize home and also office surfaces commonly Cover her mouth once you cough Stay residence from work or school as soon as you aren"t emotion well Wash her hands regularly

The professionals at our clinic can give you addition ways to stay healthy and balanced throughout flu season. Friend can also get her shot at among our Flu Clinics. These take place at various times throughout the year in ar centers and office parks.

Simple procedures to a healthy lifestyle

Preventive treatment is essential if you desire to feel her best. At MinuteClinic®, you can get your annual checkup along with committed screenings for cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. We additionally offer women"s services, such together birth control and pregnancy evaluation. Our professional practitioners can carry out acne treatment, asthma monitoring and weight-loss counseling. Girlfriend can also get recorded up on her immunizations in ~ our clinic. Us offer numerous vaccines, including polio, MMR, shingles and meningitis. In most cases, immunization services are available for anyone over 18 month of age.

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Quick therapy for minor wellness concerns

When you need to acquire a diagnosis and also treatment because that non-serious injuries or illnesses, involved MinuteClinic®. Several of the conditions we deserve to treat include the following:

Sprains an insect bites Sinus epidemic Pink eye young wounds

Our practitioners can prescribe medication and make recommendations for specialists as soon as necessary. Relying on your health insurance plan, her treatment may be covered.

Feel your ideal with help from MinuteClinic®

When you require top-notch medical treatment that fits your schedule, start by searching for "walk in clinic close to me." You"ll obtain directions come the nearest MinuteClinic®. Protect against by our Inver Grove Heights location at 7841 Amana follow the next time you must see a health-care provider. We can help you feel much better and offer you the sources to stay healthy all year long. Because that details about our services and also hours, contact 1-866-389-2727."