General InfoTed"s Montana Grill offer time-honored American favourite in an environment inspired by the hospitality, food and spirit that the Old West. Our mission is to offer guests a fresh, authentic and also original suffer with every visit. Ted"s Montana Grill"s made-from-scratch menu is known for ours premium hand-cut steaks and also gourmet burgers. The menu additionally offers a range of time-honored favourite such as crab cakes, cedar plank salmon, everyday soups, seasonal vegetables, and also house-made desserts. Open for Lunch and Dinner daily.Hours
Regular HoursMon - Thu:Fri - Sat:Sun:
11:00 to be - 9:00 pm
11:00 to be - 10:00 pm
11:00 to be - 9:00 pm

Extra Phones

Phone:(720) 283-2304

Fax Number:(720) 283-2304

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Parking:Lot, Private


Bike Parking:Yes


Good for Family:Yes

Good because that Groups:Yes

Good because that Kids:Yes

Wheelchair Accessible:Yes

Take Out:Yes


Alcohol:Full Bar

Takes Reservations:Yes

Outdoor Seating:Yes


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Best Buffalo Chili ever

Visited ~ above a cold day and had the best bowl that chili ever!They are an extremely nice and have a ton of an excellent food but I had actually to tell you to try the chili.

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One of the best steaks I"ve ever had

Never had been over there so walk in on a whim. Was greeted immediately and told that a table for one would be a 45 minute wait. She claimed there was instant seating at the bar. I sat down and waited simply a couple of minutes for a server to ask what ns wanted. Considering just how packed the location was ns was not suprised that I had to wait about 2 minutes to get asked, but after that the service was exceptional. The meal come in really structured segments and also exactly when I to be finished v the previous course. The steak to be done to perfection and also the staff was extemely friendly. Someone to be by frequently to make sure I to be happy with my meal. My meal was $33.00 and I left a $7.00 tip, but I"d walk there again and again.

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averagefood at best

Teds has great buffalo burgers and the short ribs are great on Saturdays. The rest of the menu is not really good. The beer deserve to chicken was not good. The salads space no fun.

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Great location to go for a night out, with great food and also cold drinks. After ~ a awful night in ~ a restaurant nearby by ns wasn"t looking front to go back to this area to eat again. Glad I adjusted my mind! acquire a booth because that conversation stimulate up and also enjoy!

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Didn"t have high expectations, however Ted"s didn"t also meet those...

Tried Ted"s searching for a nice steak...Was no impressed with either the high quality of the steak, no one the preparation. The wait staff appeared to be trying hard, however was no the most reliable I"ve ever before experienced.Bottom line, listed below average food, listed below average service, above average price = no coming back...

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Cold Buffalo!

The first time my husband and I visited Ted"s us had great buffalo burgers, very tasty, but the fries looked favor they were from the bottom that the barrell and an extremely greasy. But, since the burgers were so good, we made decision to go back again. This time, our suffer was horrible! mine husband bespeak the short ribs and also I notified the buffalo meatloaf. All of our food came out cold, the meat, the beans, everything. Mine husband isn"t also fussy so he decided to just eat his food however I might not eat cold meat or beans so ns told the waiter. The was very appologetic and also said he"d gain me a brand-new plate. Well, the ""new plate"" to be a bowl of brand-new beans (hot this time) and also a slab that meatloaf (no gravy on it) in a bowl together well. And also guess what, the new meatloaf to be the exact same temp together the last time...ughh!! ns didn"t complain again, simply ate what ns could and also got ours check. The waiter was gracious sufficient to take it my enjoy the meal off the bill. Not certain if we"ll it is in back. Very dissappointed!

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Under cook chicken

Have eaten here number of times in the past, and have delighted in their beercan chicken. This time it was no cooked thoroughly. There was blood showing. The waitress claimed that this is generally the way they chef it. I don"t treatment for tool rare chicken and was disiponted v her response. The chicken had actually no seasonings this time. In the past, we"ve took pleasure in this dish, yet this time, ns think they were too busy, and also did no take the time to obstacle in the spices or to cook it, until done. I have to say that the waitress did sell a complimentary dessert as consolation.The bar organization was great. The bartender knew his wines and made a very great suggestion of a pinot noir. He also gave us a taste while us waited for the remainder of our party.

Ted"s Montana Grill MenuAppetizers
Bison Nachos$8.00
St. Phillips Island Crab Cake$12.00
Grilled Shrimp$10.00
Karens flying-d Bison Chili$4.00
Soup that The Day$4.00
Side Salads
Classic Caesar$5.00
Iceberg Wedge$5.00
Entree Salads
Balsamic bleu Steak$14.00
Big skies Grilledc$11.00
Bbq Chicken$13.00
The Classics
Bison Meatloaf$14.50
St. Philip s Island Crab Cakes$25.00
Bison Pot Roast$18.50
View full Menu
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Looking because that Ted"s Montana Grill prices? Ted"s Montana Grill has an average price range between $4.00 and $27.00 per person.

When compared to various other restaurants, Ted"s Montana Grill is moderate.

Depending top top the American food, a selection of components such as geographical location, specialties, even if it is or no it is a chain have the right to influence the type of menu items available. Right here at Ted"s Montana Grill, you"ll have alternatives for Steaks & prime Rib, The Classics, Burgers, Entree Salads, and also Sandwiches and more. Indigenous there, you can expect to pick from several of the finest menu item like:

Kansas City piece St. Philip s Island Crab Cakes Salt and also Pepper Trout Balsamic smoke Steak Red absent

For a closer look in ~ the food selection items in addition to their prices, inspect out the Littleton Ted"s Montana Grill menu.

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Being in Littleton, Ted"s Montana Grill in 80120 offer many surrounding neighborhoods consisting of places favor Meadows Sanctuary, valley Heirloom, and Euclid Heights. If you desire to see a finish list of every American restaurants in Littleton, we have actually you covered!

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We hope you enjoy your suffer at Ted"s Montana Grill American restaurants in Littleton, and also please leave united state your review below with!

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