Service Centers in St. Johns County

Driver License and also Motor auto Service Centers

For current motorist services fees please view the fee schedule.

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Driver patent (DL) services OnlyDriver licenses, id cards, reinstatements, written and skills exams.Dual service CentersDriver patent (DL) & Motor auto (MV) services at one location.Motor automobile (MV) services OnlyVehicles, trailers, vessels, cell phone homes, specialty tags and disability parking permits.

Appointments: Many offices require appointments because that service. For taxes Collector workplaces or license Plate Agents, you re welcome visit their corresponding website or contact for additional information.

CityStreet AddressPhone NumberOffice HoursComments
DL & MVJulington Creek725 Flora Branch Blvd. Julington Creek, FL 32259 Map to locationPlease visit for specific office hour information.Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pmDriving Test provided by meeting only. You re welcome visit for available services.Renew or replace online in ~ GoRenew.comCDL HazmatDL & MV
Ponte Vedra Beach151 Sawrgrass Corners Drive, Suite 100, Ponte Vedra coast FL 32082 Map come locationPlease visit for particular office hour information.Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pmPlease visit for accessible services.Renew or change online in ~ GoRenew.comCDL Hazmat
St. Augustine4030 Lewis Speedway St. Augustine, FL 32084 Map to locationPlease visit for details office hour information.Mon-Thur8:30am-5:00pmFriday 8:30am-6pmDriving Test offered by meeting only. Please visit for easily accessible services.Renew or replace online at GoRenew.comCDL Hazmat
Dupont Center6658 U.S. 1 S. St. Augustine, FL 32086 Map to locationPlease visit for details office hour information.Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pmPlease visit for accessible services.Renew or replace online in ~ GoRenew.comCDL Hazmat
All St. Johns offices are county taxation collector-sponsored business centers. A tax collector company fee is added to motorist services fees. Visit the taxes collector website for approaches of payment accepted.

CityAddressContact InformationHoursHearing inquiry FormsComments
Jacksonville7439 Wilson Blvd.Jacksonville, FL 32210Map come locationJacksonvilleBAR
Mon - Fri8:00am-5:00pmHardship LicenseFormal testimonial - DUIWaiver that Formal review - 1st DUI onlyIf you need to request a formal hearing or use for a hardship license, this deserve to be excellent without visiting a office of administrative Reviews (BAR) office. Please finish the correct type on the left and also submit via email.

Florida Highway Patrol Stations

For reporting crashes, crash reportsNote: because that emergencies, dial 911 or *FHP (*347) from her cell phone

FHP StationsRegional interactions CentersRequest a Crash ReportTroop Information
Station Addresses & phone NumbersTroops, Counties Covered and Center CommanderAddress and Phone numbers to order Crash ReportsTroop Headquarters, Boundaries and also more...

Clerk of the Court Office

Please visit the Clerk that Court Website because that Paying a website traffic Citation or Court Information

CityAddressPhone NumberHours
St. Augustine4010 Lewis Speedway St. Augustine, FL 32084Map to location904-819-3628Mon-Fri8:00am-5:00pm

Motorist Services local Offices

Bureau the Dealer Services

Dealer licenses, complaints and also investigations the dealersRebuilt inspections

CityAddressPhone NumberHoursComments
Jacksonville 9550 Regency Square BlvdSuite 100Jacksonville, Florida 32225 Map come location904-365-2681Mon-Fri8:00am-5:00pmAppointments are not required, but recommended. To schedule call 904-365-2681.

New Florida Residents

Obtain your Florida driver licenseThen obtain automobile insurance indigenous a agency licensed come do company in FloridaFinally, title and also register your vehicle and also obtain license plate

See Motor automobile Service Centers above for the complying with information:

Registration, tag and titleBoats, vessels and trailersDisabled parking permitsTransferring a motor vehicle or boat/vessel titleSpecialty tags

See Driver License service Centers over for the adhering to information:

Florida driver licenses/ID cardsCommercial driver licenses

Motorcycle driver Training


Mobile residence & RV Construction

Manufacturing: 850-617-2808Set increase & inspection: 850-617-3004

Driver improvement Schools

Motor vehicle Dealers

For much more information ~ above dealer licenses, complaints, examination of certified dealer or rebuilt inspections, watch a Motorist Services local Office above.

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Address Change

Name Change

To adjust a surname on a registration, tag, title or boat/vessel/trailer, see a Motor car Service facility above.To readjust a surname on a driver license, check out a Driver License company Center above.

Renewals or replace instead instead (Lost or stolen Items)

Commercial engine Vehicles & Drivers

IFTA decals/IRP tag 850-617-3711


Customer company Center

850-617-2000Monday-Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm EST