Last to update on June 30, 2021Families who arrangement to spend the summer season in their very own private pool regularly look into the biggest easily accessible pool they can get. Few of them also wonder what’s the deepest over ground pool they might get since there room some swimming pool gamings and tasks (e.g. Cannonball contests) that are ideal done on deep pools, don’t you agree?

Well, together you may currently know, swimming pool water isn’t supposed to reach the height of her pool wall and the actual depth that an over ground swimming pool is much more or less 6 inches much less than its wall surface height. A pool with a 48-inch wall is only great for around 42 inches or 3.5 feet of water level.

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If you have older kids, that type of pool size and depth might not be enough for lock to gain their summer while hanging out through their friends in your new family pool.

Unfortunately, unlike above ground pools v a depth of less than 42 inch or 3.5 feet, deep over ground pools (those that are an ext than 48 inch in depth) are kind of hard to find and daunting to set up.

The good news is we’re right here to help you discover the best deep above ground pools obtainable today therefore you and also your household can have a an excellent time this summer.

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How To pick The finest Deep above Ground Pool

When choosing which over ground swimming pool to get, you’re commonly presented with only three choices, pools with wall heights the 48″, 52″, or 54″. Currently for those in search of the deepest over ground pool, the 48″ and also 52″ alternatives may no be enough. This leaves you with just the over ground pools through 54″ wall surface height.

Considering what we mentioned before about a pool’s water depth not reaching the top of her pool, you have about 48 customs of water depth to occupational with. This pool must be much more than sufficient for some households looking to download a deep over ground pool, but is this the deepest you can go for an above ground pool?

This actually depends on two points – what form of swimming pool liner room you using and how big is your pool. One means you can obtain an also deeper pool is by considering over ground pools that have both shallow and deep surfaces, comparable to what you have in most inground pools.

This deserve to be accomplished by utilizing expandable pool liners. Vinyl swimming pool liners are currently flexible and also the just difference in between a conventional liner and an expandable liner is that the latter has an extra 12 inch of vinyl material on that is side. This will permit the expandable liner to provide you secondary foot for your pool’s deep center.

With this in mind, let’s walk ahead through our list of the ideal deep above ground pools that you can acquire for you and also your family.

Best Deep above Ground Pools

In The Swim’s Tuscany 54-Inch over Ground Pool


The InTheSwim Tuscany above Ground Pool v a 54-inch wall can be the facility of outdoor fun for your entirety family during the summer season. V its all-weather resin frame and also posts, girlfriend don’t need to worry around rust or dent. The resin pool itself is highly durable and can fit into any type of landscape.

You can get an oval-shaped or ring Tuscany pool to collection the pace for summer. The oval-shaped swimming pool comes in the adhering to sizes: 12 ft. By 24 ft., 15 ft. Through 30 ft., and 18 ft. By 33 ft. Meanwhile, the round Tuscany pools range from 15 feet in diameter to 27 feet in diameter. The Tuscany oval pools room designed with the Yardmore Buttress device to save space in your backyard.

The pool collection includes a wide-mouth skimmer box, return fitting, stainless stole hardware, and coping strips. Please keep in mind that the pool filter system and also pool liner are sold separately, and are forced for proper pool installation.

The pool comes with a 50-year limited warranty.

Pool it is provided World’s Sharkline Venture over Ground swimming Pool


The Sharkline Venture over ground swimming pool is a hybrid swimming pool that couples injection-molded resin optimal rails and bottom rails v its steel uprights and walls. It’s no wonder that with its present design, this pool is recognized for its great durability. That is additionally saltwater-friendly, therefore you have actually the choice to make it into a saltwater above ground pool if you want to.

Similar to the Tuscany over Ground Pool, the Sharkline endeavor are ring or oval-shaped and also has a wall surface height that 54 inches. The round Sharkline venture pools come in diameters the 18 feet, 21 feet, 24 feet, and 27 feet. Meanwhile, the oval-shaped Sharline Venture above ground pools has the adhering to sizes: 15 ft. Through 30 ft. And also 18 ft. By 33 ft.

This deep over ground pool have the right to be easily installed in a pair of days and comes v a 50-year warranty.

Intex Ultra XTR structure Pool Set

On sale Now!

RELAXING over GROUND swim POOL: over ground outdoor swimming pool designed with a gray external liner and blue tile-print inner liner because that a classic, clean look. Water capacity at 90% is 14,364...MINIMAL lot OF MAINTENANCE: straightforward maintenance through sand the only requirements routine backwashing and also replacing every 5 years; Quick set up way it"s prepared for water in 90 minutesHYDRO AERATION TECHNOLOGY: Hydro aeration technology in the pump enhances circulation, filtration, and also water clarity while boosting the water"s an unfavorable ionsINCLUDES: consists of sand filter pump that has actually a pump flow rate that 2,650 gallons every hour. Also includes: pool, swimming pool ladder, ground cloth, sand filter, and pool sheathe

If you’d choose a deep swimming pool that is not that facility to collection up, then you have the right to never walk wrong v this Intex Ultra XTR frame Pool Set. It’s currently considered one of the best over ground pool options today due to the fact that of the size and also overall quality.

It might not be as deep as the other choices here with simply a 52-inch wall surface height, yet we believed that it would be wrong to not incorporate it top top this perform for you to consider. It combine its high stamin Polyester mesh and extra-thick PVC layers with its strong rust-resistant galvanized steel to ensure that you’ll be acquiring a resilient pool the you and your family members can use for numerous years.

This pool set also come in two different shapes, round and also rectangular, and also with a 2-year warranty on its swimming pool liner, frame, and filter pump.

In The Swim’s Excursion 54-Inch over Ground swim Pool


The Excursion above Ground swim Pool through a 54-inch wall is great for households looking to rotate their backyards into an out oasis through a bigger pool. It offers you the option to have actually the perfect pool area without the expense of a pricey inground pool and also it it s okay you about 48 to 52 customs deep of swimming pool water to swim on.

You have actually the option to obtain a ring Excursion pool with a diameter that 24 feet or 28 feet, or one oval-shaped Excursion pool with sizes the 15 ft. By 30 ft. Or 18 ft. Through 33 ft.

The style of this pool offers you the versatility to download a swimming pool deck on its side together a wrap-around or you can partially ask this pool in the ground to fit right into your present landscape design.

The pool has actually all-aluminum contents so there’s no inquiry that this swimming pool will certainly last for years. It’s also an excellent that that comes through a lifetime warranty native the manufacturer.

Swimline’s Expandable Depth above Ground swimming pool Liner


For those that are searching for a lot deeper above ground pool, you have the right to utilize a Swimline Expandable Depth above Ground pool Liner to set up your right pool.

These expandable overlap vinyl liners can give you pool depths that 5 come 6 feet. This are already protected against chemicals and also UV fading. Swimming pool owners can basically cave the liner to the next of their above ground pool wall and it deserve to fit on usual 48″ or 52″ swimming pool walls.

Unfortunately, because that those feather for much more stylish options, there space no j-hook or beaded liners that are additionally expandable.

You have the right to secure the Swimline swimming pool liner with pool coping strips and cut off any kind of excess material. The most necessary thing when using these kind of liner is you need to properly dig the area whereby you plan on setup your over ground pool.

If you’re not that i was sure in the whole procedure of setup up your deep above ground swimming pool on her own, girlfriend can constantly contact a pool skilled or contractor to carry out install the expandable liner for you.

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These expandable liners come through a 15-year restricted warranty and a 1-year complete replacement warranty.