Late in 2004, Brian Mahoney convert his small wine store into a 2,900 square foot wine bar. It transforms out the this decision to be a an excellent one as Terroir has come to be a Scottsdale institution and one the the longest lasting wine bars in the State that Arizona. In the summer of 2019, we underwent considerable remodel, including a much expanded menu. This remodel is going come lead us to the following 15 years of providing great service and also quality food and also delightful wines, both through the bottle and by the glass. We have actually lasted this long due to the fact that of our loyal customers and friendly staff. We’ve become noted for our brand-new menu, live music, and large by the glass pours. Whether it’s your first time in to our facility or her 100th time in, you will feel comfortable and also be among friends, brand-new or old. Please sign up with us even if it is it’s in our private room, top top a comfortable couch, approximately our trusted bar or on ours beautiful patio. Cheers, join us for our good wines and also sublime time

Terroir alcohol Pub would certainly be honored to provide our solutions for your next event. Each event is bespoke to your tastes and needs, to provide the best experience feasible for you and also your guests.

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Colleen R:

This is my new favorite alcohol pub in Scottsdale. Excellent wine an option and great service. Extremely recommend the guacamole and buffalo cheese quesadilla! i will definitely be back soon.

This place is small, friendly and inviting, with an excellent wines. (Members obtain bottles monthly depending upon their plan, and also you can rent wine locker storage, too.) Live music several nights the the week and their light appetizers room yummy.

I realized the after plenty of years of coming here, we have never the evaluation our favorite wine bar. Listen up, if you desire a chill alcohol bar through unbelievable bottle prices and the best bartenders come here...

Last night to be our an initial time in and also loved the ambiance. We couldn't believe how cozy and also chill that was. It's good place because that conversations and also total bonus to be the live music very romantic.

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I popped in recently to take it a peek at the wine list and scope the location out. I found the bartenders to be an extremely friendly and also found so.e seriously pleasant surprises top top the list...