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Safety First

For her safety and that of our team members us encourage every guests wear masks while shopping in our showrooms. In particular locations, because of local government mandates, masks are required.

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about The Huntington coast Store

Our living Spaces keep in Huntington beach is situated in the most populous coast city in Orange County. This picturesque and iconic southerly California seaside city is renowned for its sunny climate, superb surfing and also bustling economy. Locals have actually nicknamed Huntington beach “Surf City, USA” due to the fact that of its consistently excellent surf every year round.

Located ~ above the edge of Edinger Ave. And Goldenwest St. At 6912 Edinger Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647, our Huntington Beach save is conveniently situated off of the 405 freeway as well as significant surface streets. If heading south on the 405, take it the Bolsa Ave. Leave toward gold W. St. Rotate left onto Westminster Mall, climate take the an initial right ~ above Goldenwest St. After driving a mile under Goldenwest, turn right onto Edinger Ave. And the Huntington beach Living Spaces keep will it is in on your left hand side.

If heading phibìc on the 405, leave onto CA-39 S/Beach Blvd. Towards Huntington Beach. Head right down beach Blvd. For roughly a mile and then turn appropriate onto Edinger Ave. Proceed down Edinger Ave. For about a mile, pass Goldenwest St. And also our Huntington Beach save will it is in on your left hand side.

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The Huntington coast Living Spaces keep is nestled between Smart & Final and also John’s philly Grille. Surrounding stores in this shopping facility include California financial institution & Trust, Jinny’s Bridal Center, and also a Papa John’s Pizza. Northeast of the life Spaces resides gold West College.

We’re very proud to be a component of the Huntington coast community. Our exceptional line-up of premium quality and stylish residence furniture at guaranteed low prices is certain to satisfy any type of budget and also taste. Because that breezy beachside bungalows, we offer every little thing from bright, summery sofas and also accent chairs for your living room come chic panel beds perfect because that beach city bedrooms. So drop on through today—we look front to see you!