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The technician that changed my display gave it back to me with my new screen damaged, wont charge and also my phone won"t work. Please review this! This agency is the worst, execute NOT acquire your phone repaired by Cellairis! lock hide behind franchisees, and also they don"t care around the customers. I brought my phone call in to have the display screen replaced. Once it was handed back to me the display was damaged and also I said the repair guy at the store and also he stated he would order the components to settle it and give me a call. Ns went residence to discover out the my charging port quit working ~ the repair. I went in the following day and also told that that, the told me that would obtain the parts and call me, and also he never ever did. Ns went earlier up there to follow up with him and he said he never recalled the conversation, i asked for corporates number and he offered me a number that nobody would answer. Due to the fact that then I had the ability to search and get in touch through corporate finally, however it was too late and also past the warranty. I"ve to be going ago and forth with Mindy Gann and she said me in February to get the IMEI number and also that it would be on the ago of the call or under the earlier of the phone. Ns told her that ns can"t locate the number and also she said that would certainly be the only way for she to gain the components ordered therefore they could fix mine phone because that free. I have actually been handling my phone not working effectively ever because the display screen was replaced, and also now the call won"t even turn on. Therefore I chose to journey to the this firm office and spoke v Alyssa Carroll and also Andrew LaBasi personally and also they particularly told me to monitor up with Mindy to have her order the parts and have them transport to the that company office and also that ns would be able to come earlier up there and drop off the phone in ~ corporate to have actually it fixed free of charge. Once I got ago home I experienced I had a email from Mindy saying because that me not to come earlier to the that company office and also they will certainly not solve my phone, due to the fact that the ago of the phone has actually a hairline crack that occurred while I had actually my phone call in mine POCKET. Mindy maintained on insinuating the the phone was dropped and also calling me a liar and told me not to call Cellairis again. This is the worst customer service I"ve ever before encountered and I"m floored by the means I"ve to be treated and hurt being dubbed a liar. Mindy additionally said the she spoke through Alyssa and Andrew and also they told her they never ever said i was welcome to come back and drop turn off the phone once the components were notified by Mindy and also they would certainly be happy to resolve my phone totally free of charge. Currently I"m needing to call my vet asap and I"m can not to, ns told Mindy the in email and also that"s when I acquired a solution from her informing me not to call them again. So currently they don"t care around getting mine phone fixed and they don"t care that I"m not able to reach my vet.…Read More

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I don"t trust this firm to fix my phone call I want them to pay for a agency I trust now to resolve my phone.…