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Local businesses favor The Landmark Tavern will suffer from the exit of Ogilvy native 11th Avenue.

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The building, known as the chocolate Factory, has been the residence of Ogilvy and also other WPP marketing businesses, such as Geometry, since 2009. Prior to that, Ogilvy was at global Plaza. The relocate to 11th Avenue resulted in headlines at the time, as soon as it was contrasted to being sent to the “NYC identical of Siberia”.

The 550,000 square foot an are originally housed roughly 1,200 employees, but that has much more than halved in current years with cutbacks in the advertising industry worldwide. During the pandemic, mommy (another agency) likewise left that 11th avenue HQ to collection up shop in Brooklyn.

Brighter days in ~ Ogilvy’s HQ.

Local company owners were saddened by the news yet have fond memory of the staff.

Pat Hughes, owner the Scruffy Duffy’s and also Hellcat Annies ~ above 10th Avenue, referred to as it “a tremendous loss come businesses in the neighborhood”. He added: “The Ogilvy crowd will certainly be sorely missed. Castle were together a huge part of ours business. They filled the bar because that Singo night and were not afraid come let their hair down.”

Pat’s connection with Ogilvy went back a lengthy time. “They have constantly held a special ar in mine heart, due to the fact that they were among the first corporate groups that patronized the initial Scruffy’s on 8 hours Avenue when they were located in an international Plaza,” that told us, adding “In those days we were thrilled that us were in reality able to lure ‘Yuppies’ to our dive bar!”

Murat Yilmaz in ~ The Jolly Goat Coffee Bar.

“We will miss them dearly. That feels choose you’re losing component of your own family,” claimed Murat Yilmaz, owner of The Jolly Goat Coffee Bar, recalling every the wonderful friendships he’d constructed with Ogilvy employee over the years. “I am an extremely sad. Business will come back one means or the other, however we will certainly really miss out on the great peeps from Ogilvy an extremely much. They to be a big part the our expanded Jolly Goat family.”

At Sullivan Street Bakery, owner Jim Lahey told us: “It was so lot fun to have actually such an eclectic team of creatives following door. Lock brought great vibes and also fashion further west than it had ever been. It’s also a shame that Mother has actually left together well. However, us look front to new businesses make Hell’s Kitchen their home, particularly in an imaginative and fix up fields. We want to feeding the artists and nonartists.”

Ogilvy staff will certainly relocate come 200 fifth Avenue — the headquarters of WPP’s Grey Group. Retail marketing firm Geometry will save closer to the neighborhood, merging v VMLY&R in ~ 3 Columbus Circle.

The historic chocolate Factory.

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WPP are most likely to look because that a sublet ~ above the 11-story chocolate Factory. Their 20-year lease runs till 2029 and is estimated to be around $30m per year.

Meanwhile, top top 11th Avenue over there are signs of new life. Amazon has actually just taken over a automobile dealership to produce an e-bike delivery hub, the new York Stem Cell structure is broadening with a $6m grant and The Glasshouse exhibition space is acquiring ready to open.