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Xscape Theatres Riverview 146135 Valleydale journey Riverview, FL 33578 Movieline: 813-393-1818

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Xscape is focused on differentiating ourselves inside the auditoriums by giving the ideal in comfort, sight, and sound technology, allowing films to be presented together the filmmakers intended. The Xtreme auditoriums are conquered by 70-foot curved screens and plush, electrical leather recliners because that every chair in all of our auditoriums. Us captivate the moviegoer through 4K dual digital projection, promising photo twice together clear as industry standards.


We’ve magnified our cleanliness & safety measures to for sure the health and wellness of our neighborhood is our peak priority.Learn more>



Xscape Ticket Refunds & Exchanges

Tickets purchased are just valid for the theatre location, film, and showtime specified.Tickets have the right to be reverted at the theatre crate office no later than 2 hours before the start of the movie friend purchased the tickets for. The purchase will be refunded ago to the card you purchase the tickets v online.Tickets in ~ 2 hrs of the movie's start time can be exchanged for a various showing the a movie top top the very same day or a readmit voucher can be provided for a mirroring on a different date for an admission ticket of same or lesser value. (pricing may vary based upon showtime, 3D Feature, or Xtreme Presentation)Ticket refunds or exchanges will not be provided after the power time or day specified top top the ticket.The theatre locations can only procedure the refunds and also exchanges because that tickets at that stated theatre location and also cannot facilitate refunds or exchanges for tickets at various other Xscape locations.Service Fees and/or convenience fees for digital purchases are non-refundable.No Cash refund ~ above Credit/Debit card purchases.

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Refund amount have to be applied back to the same card supplied at purchase, minus any kind of non-refundable transaction fee(s). If the initial card cannot be produced, the refund may take as much as 14 business days come process.