Sunflower breakthrough Group planning to develop 5-story residential complicated on website of former Wonderscope Children’s Museum


A rendering of preliminary plans for a residential complex on the website of the previous Wonderscope Children\"s Museum. Sunflower breakthrough Group shared tentative plans v neighboring residents last main on your proposal for the site. Picture credit NSPJ Architects.

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A brand-new residential development is on the horizon because that the site of the previous Wonderscope children’s Museum close to downtown Shawnee.

Sunflower development Group, based in Kansas City, Missouri, tentatively plan to build a 5-story apartment facility with 185 to 190 market-rate units at 5700 King St.

Jason Swords, a companion with Sunflower development Group, said all plans are preliminary and subject to change. At this point, Sunflower plans come invest $45 million in the project.

“Our advance plan is not 100% completed yet,” Swords said, noting the they might present a formalized setup to the Shawnee planning commission in the next two months.

A flurry that private advancement is already underway downtown, including Sixty16 Apartments, a residential facility under construction near Old Shawnee Pizza. Swords claimed the downtown area is a great opportunity for development, particularly considering that proximity to downtown Kansas City, the country Club Plaza and also the rest of Johnson County.

“We feel prefer it’s one up-and-coming neighborhood, and this kind of breakthrough would affect the businesses and the livelihood that downtown Shawnee in a optimistic way,” the said. “Our form of tenants will spend money in downtown. It’s going to be a hopeful stroke for the strategic setup of downtown Shawnee.”

The proposed website of the residential complex is 5700 King St., previously the home of Wonderscope Children’s Museum. Neighboring inhabitants met critical week in the parking lot of to comment on their concerns.

Mark Moberly, manager of development for Sunflower breakthrough Group, stated they proved interest in this area because they take into consideration downtown Shawnee to be metropolitan development.

“As we invest time down there to view all the infrastructure renovations that have actually been made, us read about the various retail and commercial enterprise that are opening increase in downtown Shawnee, a big piece of the is residential,” Moberly said. “To have actually the people that room going to be able to patronize those sleeve shops and also community events, we feel favor there’s a little bit that a void in Shawnee best now, and this city has certainly supported residential development.”

The structure was initially Flint Elementary prior to it closed and was converted into the children’s museum. The developer is in a non-disclosure agreement for the property and therefore did not disclose any kind of details around the sale. Building records show the Regnier Family foundation is the owner.

The developer shared preliminary plans with neighboring residents via Zoom video clip chat on may 11 to let them know about it and solicit feedback from them.

Several inhabitants shared their pertains to that the website brings also much density to their ar at 57th and also King. They’re likewise concerned the project will create parking issues and also traffic congestion and also take away environment-friendly space.

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“They have actually been an extremely open, therefore far, and honest v us about what their plans are, which ns appreciate,” said Carrie Griffin, a surrounding resident and also daycare owner. “Our problem is the range of the task is massive.”

Moberly stated there will be numerous future methods for neighbors to connect on the project.