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three companies have been linked to this address through corporate registration records. These are some of the names: Gagosian Gallery and Gagosian"s Gallery. This address is often written as 555 West 24th Strt, brand-new York, NY 10011-1104. The ZIP password for this address is 10011 and also the postal password suffix is 1104. The property is situated in the Midtown neighborhood. The address"s geographic coordinates: 40.7495411,-74.0058989. Rent value for a 2 bedroom unit in the ZIP password 10011 is estimated at $2,840 a month. That may price you $2,053 per month to rent a two-bedroom populated in new York County, states HUD. Xchangetelecom uses the fastest web access. Terrestrial resolved Wireless is the type of internet connection. Asserted downstream speed is 1,000 mbit/s, upstream rate is 1,000 mbit/s.

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Among the 252 reports concerning the Midtown community problems got by the city, the most frequent are complaints around the street problem (39 reports), noise (35 reports), taxi complaint (seventeen reports)

Sales and Prices in the neighborhood in recent Years

This chart shows the variety of sales, minimum, maximum and average prices. The data is based on a research of information about the nearest 1,500 houses