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Office home For Lease

room Available 1,200 SF Date obtainable Dec 2010
Space kind Medical Office Lease type Modified gross

room Available 1,600 SF Date accessible Dec 2010
Space type Medical Office Lease form Modified gun

Two buildings with 72,000 sq. Ft. An unified with Windsong Radiology group as the anchor tenant. This freshly renovated building has 2 suites obtainable with ample parking and also covered portico.

Located on Spindrift drive off key Street close to Youngs Road. Just minutes native NYS Thruway, Transit Road and also I-290 expressway.


collection Street cross Street website traffic Volume Year distance
Main St Brompton Rd 24,035 2020 0.40 mi
Main St Youngs Rd 24,024 2020 0.41 mi
Youngs Rd Lyndhurst Rd 13,677 2020 0.46 mi
Main St Arlington Rd 21,384 2020 0.52 mi
Wehrle Dr Youngs Rd 13,263 2020 0.53 mi
Wehrle Drive S Ridge Ct 14,912 2018 0.56 mi
Wehrle Dr S Ridge Ct 13,977 2020 0.56 mi
Youngs Rd Turnberry Dr 17,422 2020 0.74 mi
Main St Hirschfield Dr 26,254 2020 0.86 mi
Wehrle Dr Rubino Ct 12,934 2020 0.87 mi


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