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About Brittany hall - NYU

At Brittany hall - NYU, you've found your brand-new place. In brand-new York City's 10003 Zip code, relocating to this neighborhood offers a variety of adjacent points of interest. Schedule a time to check out the accessible floorplan options. The team that leasing professionals is prepared for you to come take a tour. Come see Brittany room - NYU today.

Brittany room - NYU is one apartment situated in Manhattan County, the 10003 ZIP Code, and also the Nyc Geog district # 2 - Manhattan attendance zone.

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Located in between Chelsea and Soho, Greenwich town is a lover Manhattan ar that was the center of the counterculture activity of the 1960s. Greenwich Village, also referred come as simply “the Village,” has never shed its artistic vibe and also bohemian feel. As brand-new York’s main artistic hub, and also one of the city’s many densely populated neighborhoods with ~ above every corner, Greenwich town offers a tight-knit neighborhood with range of people and personalities.

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The village contains the famous brand-new York University, one of the largest and most popular private colleges in the country. Both selective and diverse, NYU lends an pundit vibe come the community, attracting students, faculty, and staff from almost everywhere the world. Known for the Washington Square Arch dedicated to George Washington in 1895, Washington Square Park is a famous historical landmark that draws plenty of to excellent its historical and architectural significance.

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Beds average Size Lowest usual Premium
Studio Studio Studio 429 Sq Ft $1,195 $3,038 $5,680
1 Bed 1 Bed 1 Bed 715 Sq Ft $2,110 $4,895 $15,000
2 beds 2 bed 2 beds 712 Sq Ft $2,535 $8,573 $25,000
3 bed 3 bed 3 bed 1308 Sq Ft $2,000 $12,640 $29,500