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Commercial residential property for revenue in TALLAHASSEE, FL 1,500,000 USD 22,448 sqft Brick 2-Story office structure w/elevator, developed in 2004 and on 2.07 Acres. Leased to federal government agency. Extra lot of proposed to accommodate a 3700 sqft commercial building. This residential or commercial property can also be accessed native Scotty Lane and is across from Tallahassee Mall. Contact to see. Brokered and also Advertised By: Re/Max experts Realty Listing Agent: Barbara Slaughter



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"Just moved here. It’s chill.Thee space plenty the cool bars and also restaurants. Everyone is friendly most of the time"
"Even on days with heavy traffic, commuting is typically easy. Uneven you live downtown though, being a pedestrian is not always the easiest thing to be"
"4th the July fireworks in ~ the lake at the golf course, lots of trick-or-treats in Halloween, Friday nights prior to FSU house game community gathering, cars and also coffee"
"I don’t work. I’m a continue to be at home mom. Driving youngsters to institution is simply over a mile away. 15 minutes to and from tops"
"Juneteenth, FAMU Homecoming, Jazz in the Park Festival, FSU Homecoming, Southside Festival and much much more."
"its a safe well known area. Whereby everybody to know everybody, and also everyone expand a helping hand. Nice quiet"
"They would like that many people walk their dogs every job from couples to families. This community is nice quiet. "
"My boy goes to college here & feels safe. He’s lived on campus & off and has never had a problem. "
"The commute is good but i wish ns was really closer to the Office ns drive to occupational on a day-to-day basis. "
"The ar is pretty chill, bunch of children maneuvering the roads coming and also going to course & human being finding their method in this world. That shaping them to be one of the best in the community."
"Just visiting so ns don’t really know this ar is very main and convenient. The close to businesses, restaurants and parks"
"My community needs major IMPROVEMENT particularly THE home THAT i LIVE IN since ITS an extremely HISTORIC indigenous THE 1930s. "
"It’s near San Luis, there are bag stations in the neighborhood, there’s some grassy locations to walk them. "
"There space several neighborhood parks to walk her dog. Very dog trusted community. There are numerous dog owners in our neighborhood. "
"yes human being walk your pets. This is normal, yet you must have actually a permit to have actually a pet in the apartment wherein I live."
"There space a lot of sports related and family activities in the area. There are numerous places for family members to walk to stay active."
"The bad component of Tallahassee is the schools below are no the best. However, due to how the school zoning and policy works, girlfriend still have a an excellent amount of choice in what school your children go to. Finally depending on your lifestyle as always LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. An excellent neighborhoods space relative, Tallahassee has pockets of really safe and nice communities in places you wouldn't expect."
"There have to be a nice Church in the Community and farm landscapes. Familiar environment and excellent next-door neighbors with good spirits and safe too. "
"Dog owner wouldn’t choose the reality that us don’t have plenty of sidewalks and also are constantly walking in the street."
"Dog owners would like the dogs rbAt live in mine area and also the various other dogs the are generally walked in my area "
"Not a supervisor dog familiar town... No a lot of people carry their pet out v them and also apartment complexes room very certain about breeds"
"This is the ideal area in downtown Tallahassee. The is surrounded by the Florida supreme Court, the Florida State Capital, Tallahassee city Hall, and also FSU. All have actually their very own police, so it is really safe. Restaurants, bars and also museums space all walking distance. Parks are an extremely close."
"There room some families living in the area together well. Familiar town, yet be cautious at night & monitor the crime level together the semesters go by. "
"im honestly not really sure of anything outside of saturday morning industries in the chain the parks exterior of lemoyne area "
"Tons of schools nearby, healthy places come eat in ~ walking distance, yet i would certainly recommend parents supervise kids constantly "
"We live just around 100 yards from an elementary school. It's pretty quiet approximately here, and also the next-door neighbors are usually nice in saying, ”hi.” "
"This is a wonderful ar to live, a small elbow room and great neighbors and also amenities. I feel safe and also at home."
"They enable all breeds here, yes no pet deposit or monthly fee, and also they have a little dog park inside the community. "
"I’ve lived here for only 6months. Close come school, ar events. The townhouse is also small, and we’re searching for a larger place."
"Its quiet and has a beautiful watch overlooking the Hilaman golf Course and lake. For sure for children, nice little cul de sac come play on. Never had probleme with next-door neighbors being unreasonable or according to or anything."
"Easy access to multiple main roads. Ns live close to federal government I-10. I’m also close come highway 19, a 15/20 minute drive"
"I own a car and also the commute is reasonable. Most areas are within 20 minutes. Also the an ext rural locations are only around 30-45 minute from mine home."
"Cops constantly ride roughly prostitution is heavy crack and also molly top walk about all times of day and night a lot of the homes are run down and also raggedy medicine are hefty in the neighborhood and so is gun violence"
"aside native a couple of long time residents, people keep to themselves. It's a university town, most of the populace disappears as soon as summer arrives."
"Great access to parks, including trails, playgrounds, pools, picnic areas, and also basketball and also tennis courts. Multiples that these space in wade or biking distance!"
"Very family and student friendly neighborhood. I enjoy the park nearby and to be able come walk my dog without emotion unsafe."
"Quick and also easy. Midtown to downtown is such a breeze in the mornings. Love it. Hardly any type of traffic, it’s no so bad crossing Tenn st. Either!! "
"I think the ar hood need to have an ext lughting and the abandoned residences should be repaired and utilized for short low income real estate for clean santized families."
Protection from gift unfairly evicted, denied housing, or refuse the ability to rental or to buy housing.On February 11, 2021, HUD announced the it interprets the commonwealth Fair housing Act come prohibit real estate discrimination top top the communication of sex-related orientation and gender identity.
On June 15, 2020, the us Supreme Court ruled the employers topic to location VII can not hire, fire, or otherwise discriminate against employees based on their sex-related orientation or gender identity.
Protection from gift unfairly refused services or entry to or from places accessible to the general public (retail stores, restaurants, parks, hotels, etc).
545 man Knox Rd, Tallahassee, FL 32303 is a 22,448 sqft property. This building is no currently obtainable for sale.

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