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Fathers House

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Bike Parking:Yes

Wheelchair Accessible:Yes

Alcohol:Full Bar

Outdoor Seating:Yes

Price selection :Below Average

Good for Groups:Yes


Nasty, grimy, punk bar that"s loud, full of kids, bad food and horrible lighting. Yeeeeaaaahahhhhhh that"s the genuine deal. I choose to play pool there and also get back in touch v my gibberish roots.

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The title states it all. An excellent food, solid drinks, familiar staff, trivia, pool... Couldn"t ask for more!

Heath is the best waiter/bartender there!!!! serious they room all great?=) constantly prompt on seating, smoking cigarettes is a welcome treat. If friend don?t desire to smell like an ash tray after 5 minutes, don?t come here. MFP is the trademark term once you?re a regular. Group is mixed, gay, straight, biker, grunge, punk, business. Juke box is cheaper than most places, an excellent atmosphere even if friend come through yourself.

Cheap drinks, games, video poker, cheap food, saucy, stalwart bartenders. You gain what you payment for.

My neighbor simply recommended this place due to the fact that I was having actually cravings for pancakes. I"m therefore glad i went. This ar rocks. It"s kind food v cheap prices. I"ll definitely go below again.

One of my favorite areas in Portland to invest a few hours. The menu is super affordable, and they have some that my favourite pinball machines. Really unique and comfortable atmosphere. I constantly recommend this place to friends! Oh, and also they have pool tables too.

Great food and an excellent service. The decor is original and keeps one wondering where they found all that stuff. This is the finest ruben sandwich i have ever eaten.

This location wow! the looks like a hole in the wall place yet when you step in the it is clean and also the waitress was really cordial and always making certain we had everything or asking if we require anything. The food is an excellent and very an excellent and really filling too. I would certainly go back. Every I deserve to say the is a an excellent place to eat.

do not order noþeles to go from this ar of businessthey will refuse you any kind of future organization if you perform not leave a tip also after paying the 0.50 cent a enjoy the meal to walk chargethey would much rather firmly insist on a minimum %8 reminder than market you a meal also though they have actually no existing policy top top tippingyes, that would certainly be a total of 0.44 cents on a $5.50 hamburger

When you an initial walk in, girlfriend think you"re in a dive restaurant. I was really impressed with the service I recieved here. Not only was the food means cheap, however the waiter to be fantastic! He was polite, and also made certain we had every little thing we needed, instead of acting like he was also busy. He also chased united state down the street when I had left mine sunglasses top top the table. The food to be not very original, yet im glad I found this place.

My Fathers Place, beside from gift a fun location to questioning a newbie to fulfill you for a beer (the her father own a bar? and lives in Portland? an answer never ages), is most likely the closest point to a so late night hub that close-in SE Portland has. On any type of given night, patrons from all walks the life linger end strong, affordable fine drinks, wolf down monstrous greasy-spoon fare, clock Buffy, pat pinball or poker machines, and await the next act in ~ the adjacent all-ages venue, the Meow Meow. Mine Fathers place (affectionately described as MFP by regulars) is the consummate regional dive unpretentious and friendly, v a working-class vibe and also some of the many random Americana ambience come be uncovered in Portland. And I love the waitstaff. Anyone who complains around this bar is the sort of person who wasn"t really welcome in the very first place.

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7804 SE distinct St, Portland, OR 97215

(971) 373-4442
My Father"s ar MenuOff the Griddle
French Toast$5.50
Short stack of Pancakes (3)$5.00
Garden Salad$7.00
Caesar Salad$9.00
Cup of Soup & Salad$6.00
Soup, Salad & Garlic Bread$7.50
Hot Platters
Burger Steak$12.50
Bacon & Swiss Quesadilla$11.75
Bean & Cheese Quesadilla$8.50
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