Emissions Testing

Please visit www.nashvillevip.org for info on the reopening that emissions experimentation centers in Davidson County.

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Vehicles space inspected annually and also can be tested within ninety (90) days of the registration’s expiration date. The fee because that an emissions test is $9.00.

Take her vehicle in addition to the renewal an alert you may have received in the letter from the Tennessee department of Revenue, to among the vehicle emissions experimentation stations. A renewal notice is no mandatory to have actually your car tested.


For hrs and locations of emissions testing stations or particular information around emissions tests, please speak to 1-866-623-8378 or visit their website by click here.

The emissions experimentation facilities acquire busy on the an initial and critical days of the month. To stop the long lines, the finest time to acquire your emissions check is within ninety (90) days before your expiration date and also in the center of the month.

The federally mandated emissions inspection regime is activate by Opus Inspection and is no a part of the city Government.

Failed Emissions Test

Vehicles not passing the investigate will get a vehicle inspection report through the reason(s) the auto is failing. After appropriate repairs are made to the vehicle, one complimentary retest is accessible within ninety (90) work of the early inspection. If you have your automobile tested before THE EXPIRATION OF her TAGS, and also it fails, girlfriend are allowed a 30-day grace duration from the date your sign expire in which to have your vehicle repaired, receive a happen emissions test and renew your tags. For much more information refer to: www.nashvillevip.org/NashvilleVIP/site/whatifufail.htm.

Emissions Exemptions

The vehicles noted below are exempt from annual emissions testing.

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– 1974 model or older vehicles

– antique vehicles

– electrical vehicles (click below for forced form)

– Motorcycles

– new vehicles registering through a Manufacturer declare of beginning (MSO)

– Trailers

– Vehicles v a Gross vehicle Weight Rating greater than 10,500 lbs. (click here for required form)

Out the County or the end of State

In the past, if the vehicle was out of state the entire year, girlfriend may have actually signed an exemption type through the Davidson ar Clerk’s Office. Our office will accept a precious inspection certificate from any trial and error facility in the State that Tennessee. However, if a automobile cannot be taken through an emissions inspection site in Tennessee, the owner must contact the city Public wellness Department. A representative will explain the important steps to accomplish emissions requirements offered the certain situation or circumstances.