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For Eva and Sue.

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Thank you, thank you, give thanks to you for all the you do.

And for Catherine.

We room a mrs down.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

We lie in postcoital bliss in ~ pink paper lanterns, meadow flowers, and fairy lights that twinkle in the rafters. As my breath slows, I hold Anastasia close. She’s sprawled anywhere me, her cheek against my chest, she hand relaxing on my racing heart. The darkness is absent, propelled out by mine dream catcher…my fiancée. My love. My light.

Could ns be happier 보다 I am best now?

I walk the step to memory: the boathouse, the reassuring rhythm the the lapping waters, the flora, the lights. Closing mine eyes, ns memorize the feeling of the mrs in mine arms, her load on optimal of me, the sluggish rise and also fall that her earlier as she breathes, she legs entwined v mine. The scent of she hair filling my nostrils soothing all my corners and also jagged edges. This is my happy place. Dr. Flynn would be proud. This beautiful woman has consented to be mine. In every way. Again.

“Can us marry tomorrow?” i whisper near her ear.

“Hmm.” The sound in her throat reverberates v a soft strum across my skin.

“Is that a yes?”


“A no?”


I grin. She’s spent. “Miss Steele, are you incoherent?” I sense her comment smile and also my pleasure erupts in a laugh, together I tighten my arms about her and kiss she hair. “Vegas, tomorrow, the is then.” She raises her head, eyes half closed in the soft light from the lanterns—she look at sleepy yet sated.

“I don’t think my parents would certainly be very happy with that.” She lowers she head and I skim my fingertips across her nude back, enjoy it the warm of her sleek skin.

“What carry out you want, Anastasia? Vegas? A big wedding with all the trimmings? tell me.”

“Not big. Simply friends and also family.”

“Okay. Where?”

She shrugs, and I’m guessing she hasn’t thought about it.

“Could we perform it here?” ns ask.

“Your folks’ place? would they mind?”

I laugh. Grace would certainly leap at the chance. “My mom would it is in in seventh heaven.”

“Okay, here. I’m certain my mom and also dad would like that.”

So would I.

For once we’re in agreement. No arguing.

Is this a first?

Gently, ns stroke she hair, that’s a tiny mussed indigenous our spent passion. “So, we’ve established where, currently the when.”

“Surely you have to ask your mother?”

“Hmm. She deserve to have a month, that’s it. I desire you too much to wait any type of longer.”

“Christian, you have me. You’ve had actually me because that a while. But okay, a month it is.” She plants a tender kiss on my chest and also I’m thankful that the darkness continues to be quiet. Her existence is maintaining it in ~ bay.

“We’d far better head back. Ns don’t want Mia interrupting us favor she did the time.”

Ana laughs. “Ah, yes. That was close. My very first punishment fuck.” She grazes mine jaw v her fingertips and also I roll over, acquisition her through me, and also pressing her into the deep-pile rug ~ above the floor.

“Don’t repeat me. Not one of my ideal moments.”

Her lips elevator in a coy smile, she eyes sparkling with humor. “As punishment fucks go, it to be okay. And I won earlier my panties.”

“You did. Fair and also square.” Chuckling in ~ the recollection, i kiss her quickly and also rise. “Come, placed your panties on and also let’s get back to what’s left the the party.”

I zip up she emerald dress and drape my jacket over her shoulders. “Ready?” She laces her fingers with mine and we walk to the optimal of the stairs that the boathouse. Pausing, she looks ago at our floral haven as if she’s memorizing the setting. “What about all the lights and these flowers?”

“It’s okay. The florist is returning tomorrow to dismantle this bower. They’ve done a an excellent job. And also the flowers will go come a regional seniors’ home.”

She squeezes my hand. “You’re a great man, Christian Grey.”

I expect I’m good enough for you.

My household is in the den, abusing the karaoke machine. Kate and Mia room up dancing, and also singing “We room Family,” v my parents together their audience. Ns think they’re every a little tipsy. Elliot is slumped top top the couch, sipping his beer and also mouthing the lyrics.

Kate point out Ana and beckons her toward the mic. “OMG!” squeals Mia, drowning the end the song. “Look at that rock!” She take away Ana’s hand and whistles. “Christian Grey, you delivered.”

Ana provides her a shy laugh while Kate and my mom gather ring to check her ring, making the suitable admiring noises. Inside i feel ten feet tall.

Yeah. She likes it. They choose it.

You go good, Grey.

“Christian, could I talk to you?” Carrick asks as he was standing up, his expression grim.


His stare is unwavering as he directs me the end of the room.

“Um. Sure.” i glance at Grace, however she’s studiously preventing my gaze.

Has she told him about Elena?

Fuck. Ns hope not.

I monitor him to his study, and also he ushers me in, close up door the door behind him.

“Your mom told me,” he says with no preamble whatsoever.

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I glance at the clock—it’s 12:28. It’s as well late in the day for this talk…in every sense. “Dad, I’m tired—”

“No. You space not staying clear of this conversation.” His voice is stern and also his eyes small to pinpricks as he peers at me end his glasses. He’s mad. Really mad.