Many project managers control their project performance by compare planned to actual results. Through this approach, you might easily it is in on time yet overspend according to your plan.

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A better method is earned Value monitoring (EVM). Just stated, EMV compares what you’ve obtained or produced to what you’ve spent.


Cost Variance

Cost variance is just one of the most renowned variances that project managers use. Price variance mirrors whether your actual expenses are greater than budgeted (with a resulting an unfavorable number) or lower than budgeted (with a resulting hopeful number).

The price variance (CV) is calculated together follows:

CV = EV – AC

CV = Negative, over BUDGETCV = Positive, UNDER BUDGET

In our Example

CV = $ 375-$ 345 = $ 50 ($50 under budget as that July 1)A an adverse cost variance is frequently non-recoverable

Schedule Variance

Schedule variance, likewise a popular variance, speak you even if it is the schedule is ahead or behind what was planned for this duration in time. The schedule variance (SV) is calculated as follows:

SV = EV – PV

SV = Negative, BEHIND SCHEDULESV = Positive, ahead OF SCHEDULE

Lets plugin the numbers:

SV = $375-$400 = -$25 (Behind schedule as of July 1)Performance Indexes

Together, the CV and SV are well-known as efficiency indicators because that the project.

Cost and schedule performance indexes, (CPI and also SPI) are generally used to calculate performance efficiencies. They’re regularly used in trend analysis to predict future performance.

You’ll require to understand the calculations and what the results mean.

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If CPI or SPI is better than 1, did you do it got much better than intended performance. If the an outcome is less than 1, you’ve got negative performance. If it equals 1, you’re appropriate on target.

Cost power Index (CPI)

The price performance table of contents (CPI) is calculate this way:


Let’s plug in the numbers:

CPI = 375 ÷ 325 =1.15Interpretation: as of July 1, us are obtaining $1.15 because that every dollar invested on this project

Schedule performance Index (SPI)

The schedule power index (SPI) is calculated this way:


Let’s plugin the numbers:

SPI = 375 ÷ 400 =0.94Interpretation: Uh-oh, not so good. Friend are just progressing at 94% that the price planned