4736 Lake forest Ave is a 888 square foot home on a 7,300 square foot lot with 3 bedrooms and also 1 bathroom. This house is currently off sector - it last marketed on February 06, 1998 for $131,500. Based on couchsurfingcook.com's san Diego data, we estimate the home's value is $803,269.

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Legal many Number: 2353Acres: 0.1676Front Footage: 121Zoning Code: R1County use Description: 1 family RESIDENCE
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Climate Risk

About Climate Risk

Most homes have some danger of natural disasters, and also may be influenced by climate change due to climbing temperatures and also sea levels.

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Nearby homes comparable to this home have recently sold in between $650K to $1,175K at an median of $700 every square foot.
4736 Lake woodland Ave is a 888 square foot house on a 7,300 square foot lot v 3 bedrooms and also 1 bathroom. This residence is right now off industry - it last marketed on February 06, 1998 because that $131,500
Based ~ above couchsurfingcook.com's market data, us calculate that industry competition in phibìc Clairemont, this home's neighborhood, is very competitive. Houses sell for about 2% over list price and also go pending in around 15 days.

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California DRE #01521930

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