Kate specialises in estate planning and also law with a emphasis on ultra-high and high net worth clients. She additionally has endure in advice concerning trust structures, probate and also estate management and legacy disputes.

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Kate enjoys assisting she clients to know their alternatives and placing together heritage planning documents to give effect to your intentions and to deal with their concerns. She listens to she clients and considers all their issues before creating a personalised strategy for their needs.

Kate is admitted together a solicitor in brand-new South Wales. Before joining room & Wilcox, Kate hosted roles in ~ Marsdens law Group and also National Australia Trustees in ~ the NAB private Bank. Having previously functioned for a trustee couchsurfingcook.company, Kate also understands and also advises clients about the worth that trustee providers can lug in being appointed an together independent attorney, executor or trustee.

Estate Planning

Advising families on estate planning through a focus on wealth preservation, mixed families and vulnerable beneficiaries. This details work requires the preparation of standard Wills, testamentary trust Wills, enduring strength of attorney and appointments the enduring guardian, papers dealing with succession and control of structures, together as family members trusts, updating and amending trust deeds for household trusts and also the preparation of superannuation death benefit nominations and updating SMSF trust deeds.Advising family businesses on tailored couchsurfingcook.company constitutions, household constitutions, binding trustee resolutions and also shareholder’s agreements and the ready of documentation for existing couchsurfingcook.company structures because that entry of 2nd and 3rd generations right into the business.Advising on to trust interpretation and also trust disputes and also establishing family members trusts.Advising on overcouchsurfingcook.come border succession issues and also conflicts consisting of assisting clients with UK estate and tax planning issues, consisting of in relationship to UK inheritance tax and also losing their UK domicile the origin.

Estate administration

Applications for Probate, letter of management and Reseals of foreign grants.Advising on estate administration.Advising executors and also beneficiaries on the interpretation of Wills and Trusts.Advising beneficiaries of their rights and also entitlements under Wills and estates and also estate litigation.Superannuation death advantage payment disputes.Acting for clients in relation to applications for guardianship and also financial administration orders.

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Awards and also recognition
Arts law Centre of Australia Arts regulation Pro Bono Awards 2020 Winner

Latest thinking


private Clients | 7 Dec 2020

Changes to strength of attorney and development health directives: Queensland

Changes couchsurfingcook.come Queensland’s guardianship regulations are now in force. The amendments, which couchsurfingcook.come into effect on 30 November 2020, relate couchsurfingcook.come the Guardianship and also Other regulation Amendment act 2019 (Qld).