I'm simply wondering if there is any cheaper means to get to the airport from greyhound station compare to getting a cab?

will evaluate it


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is the attach for the neighborhood bus organization from Downtown come SMF airport

thanks a lot because that the link, yet I'm obtaining there 11PM, I'm checking the operation hours and also it seems it runs till 10:30 or something, is there any type of other option?

well, the BlueVan "Super Shuttle" service runs at those hours. You walk to the kiosk and also wait for the next van come fill. Ns trust it will certainly be running at 11pm, however the web attach has a phone number to confirm. My dominance of thumb is the blue valve is about 50% of a cab fare.

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oopps, sorry, misread the OP's request. Thot that gets right into the AIRPORT, sorry it d the other means around. Oh well, probably it helps someone else.

Cab fare come SMF native downtown $40-55 .

Fare estimator:


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Not sure this matters, but I've noticed that "downtown" was discussed a couple of times through regard come the ar of the Sacramento Greyhound station. It's no downtown on together Street anymore. It moved out come Richards Blvd. A pair of years ago. (see, http://www.greyhound.com/en/locations/terminal.aspx?city=893189 )

It's no far, but it's absolutely not "downtown". It must make the cab fare slightly much less than was approximated above; ns don't recognize what windy transit relationships there can be to SMF indigenous there.

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8.Re: Greyhound terminal to airplane
9 years ago
The new Greyhound station is no in the finest of communities (although far better than it's former location). At 11 in ~ night i am no sure how you room going to obtain a taxi. Likewise are girlfriend going to SMF because that a flight? room there flights that late in ~ night?

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9.Re: Greyhound station to airplane
8 years ago
Kmm Cab firm charge $33.00 level fee to or indigenous airport .


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10.Re: Greyhound station to airplane
7 year ago

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