4 1/2" is an old standard dimension that is no much longer in manufacturing by the majority of hardware makers. If these don"t fit you, friend may have the ability to go v 5" or 128mm. Plenty of of our options in those sizes will cover your existing holes.

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We are closed ~ above Monday for the labor Day holiday celebrating the working class and the great achievements the functioning men and women the America have accomplished together.We are ago on Tuesday shipping full vapor ahead.Orders not placed by Friday at approximately 1pm will certainly not go in the mail until Tuesday. The post offices are closed Monday anyway, so the won"t be an ext of a delay than absolutely necessary on ours end.Have a great weekend!

30 years in Hardware

D. Lawless has actually a large brick and also mortar operation. This is no paris by night drop shipping operation.

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D. Lawless has been a member the The nationwide Federation of independent Business because 1982. The NFIB is the leading little business combination representing little and independent business. The NFIB"s mission is to promote and also protect your best to own, operate and also grow your business. The NFIB is designed to help small business succeed.

If friend or your son or daughter aspires to it is in an entrepreneur, I would encourage you come check-out the YEF, Young business man Foundation, sponsored by the NFIB. YEF provides mentors, scholarships, awards and also learning materials for students and also young adults. Http://www.nfib.com/foundations/yef/

Henry David Thoreau:

The the smallest seed of faith is far better than the largest fruit the happiness.

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D. Lawless Hardware is situated in the little Midwestern town of Olney, Illinois. Surrounded North, East, South and West by interstate highways, every an hour"s journey away (that"s 50-60 mile out below in the sticks for you city folks who drive one hour to work), I prefer to joke the we are "centrally located in the middle of nowhere". We choose it here and we think you would certainly too. Olney has great schools, a small college, a hospital, 2 commercial parks, 3 recreational parks, a good-sized lake because that fishing, boating, and also an numerous water supply, a small local all-weather airport, and also lots of fresh air and room to breath it. Like all little towns, we appreciate all our neighborhood industries, yet are always actively seeking growth. So, if you or your agency is considering new site locations, please inspect us out. You can click the image over for information.